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Saturday Video Round Up: March 5 – 11

Even though I’m in Boston for the annual Penny Arcade Expo aka PAX East this weekend, I’m not going to leave you guys hanging without something to do. I mean, it is Saturday after all. So as usual, here are … Continue reading

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The UK Shake Up: Fable Legends and Lionhead Studios Are No More

Real surprising news out of Microsoft UK yesterday as they announced that not only has development ceased on Fable Legends, but both Lionhead Studios and Press Play are shutting down as well. Press Play kind of came out of no … Continue reading

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Destiny and It’s Lone Wolf Problem

Almost a month ago to the day, I wrote how great Destiny: The Taken King was. In that post, I also mentioned that it was time to return to the game if you were like me and abandoned it at … Continue reading

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More Clues To The Konami/Kojima Split Or Simply Konami Being Konami?

It’s been a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde kind of year for Konami. One one hand, they released Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom pain last month receiving universal appraise from both critics and consumers. MGSV is actually the fastest selling title in … Continue reading

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Is It Time To Return To Destiny?

Since its release last year, Destiny has proven to be a divisive game among video game fans. Some where immediately turned off due to it’s grind heavy end game content and a lack of cohesive story. On the other hand, the … Continue reading

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Tactical Assist: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Getting an S Rank and Quiet on Mission 11

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gives players immense freedom in tackling the numerous missions through large sandboxes and various tools at their disposal. Even with various route available, certain missions can still seem pretty tough especially if you’re … Continue reading

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Destiny Related Court Documents Detail The Sad Fate Of Its Story

What are Guardians? Whoa! Why is there a giant metal orb floating over Earth? Why are all these aliens trying to destroy us? What’s up with this Darkness thing and why is everyone so afraid of it? These are but … Continue reading

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