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PlayStation’s Road To Greatness Tour – Hands-On Impressions

Sony began a nationwide “Road to Greatness” tour earlier this year which was essentially a way for the company to promote the PlayStation 4 and all of it’s upcoming titles. The best thing about this tour is that it gave … Continue reading

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CounterSpy Review – Randomized Sneaking

Even though I wasn’t there to live through the heart of the Cold War between the United States and the (then) Soviet Union, we’ve all ready the history books and seen enough on it to know it was a intense … Continue reading

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CES 2014 – PlayStation Now Revealed

It’s been a while, but you may recall back at E3 2013, Sony announced their Gaikai streaming service with the caveat that it wouldn’t actually be ready until 2014. Well, as promised, yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las … Continue reading

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Sony’s Cross-Buy Promotion Extends to the Playstation 4

Looking for more downloadable goodness when the PS4 hits in less than a month? Thanks to Sony Santa Monica, four popular downloadable titles on the PS3 and Vita are making their way over to the PlayStation 4 as a part of … Continue reading

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2013 Playstation Store Play Lineup Revealed

In an effort to counteract Microsoft’s popular “Summer of Arcade” promotion, Sony began doing their own “Play” promotion featuring some high-profile downloadable titles to help beat back the summer heat. This past week, Sony revealed the four titles that PSN owners … Continue reading

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E3 2013 Recap: Sony Press Conference

I think an appropriate title for this conference would have been something like, “Let There Be Blood.” With the new consoles coming, a new arms race between Microsoft and Sony had begun and was escalating quickly. With mostly less than … Continue reading

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Guacamelee Bodyslams It’s First DLC Onto PSN Today

Looking for more things to suplex in the excellent downloadable title, Guacamelee? Lucky for you, DrinkBox has just what you’re looking for with the Costume Pack. Don’t be fooled by the term “costume pack” however as this is no mere … Continue reading

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