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The Darkness II Demo Impressions

The Darkness seemed to be an under the radar cult favorite game when it first released a few years ago.  Not being too familiar with the first game, I came into this demo with literally no expectations at all.  I … Continue reading

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Borderlands 2 Gunzerker Class Details

Being a massive fan of the first game, naturally, I can’t wait to get my hands on its follow-up, Borderlands 2.  The thing that really excites me is that it seems to be building and improving on the addictive foundation already established … Continue reading

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Gamercast: Looking Ahead to 2012

Pretty crazy that 2012 is here.  The good news is that many of those games we’ve been reading about are that much closer to being played by normal people like you and me.  Care to know what I’m very interested … Continue reading

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Stay Awhile and Watch! Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Footage Surfaces

It still does feel like an eternity until Diablo III hits store shelves and Blizzard does very little to satiate our thirst, mainly just dripping screenshots to us here and there.  True, it’s quite a large tease, but thankfully, the gang … Continue reading

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15 Minutes of Awesome: Borderlands 2

As much as I loved Borderlands (seriously, it’s worth a purchase), it’s upcoming sequel just looks lightyears better.  Recently at this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington, the good folks at Gearbox held a panel showing off part of the game.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed Revelations Gamescom Demo – Now with more bombs!

*Update* Video has been fixed! In what seemed like an eternity to me, Ubisoft has finally released the actual gameplay demo they showed off to Gamescom attendees at this year’s show.  While it’s no surprise (especially if you’ve been reading … Continue reading

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Driver: San Francisco Multiplayer Impressions – Smashing Good Time

Last week, I covered the single player side to Driver: San Francisco and this week, as promised, I’m delivering the goods on the multiplayer side.  There’s been a ton of positive feedback and articles in regards to the innovation and fun for … Continue reading

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