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Saturday Video Round Up: February 5 – 11

Welcome back to another brand new edition of the Saturday Video Round Up! For those of you new here, this is the weekly series bringing you the best trailers and gameplay videos from around the gaming industry. Here’s a small … Continue reading

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For Honor Closed Beta Impressions

Well, I promised you all some impressions on For Honor and today is the day I finally deliver. With an open beta arriving this coming weekend, hopefully I can better paint the picture of what you’ll be getting yourself into. … Continue reading

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8 General Tips for Success In For Honor

With another successful closed beta session in the books and as a way to subtly use delay tactics to continue to give myself time to further flesh out my thoughts, I figured I’d share some tips and other things I … Continue reading

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Premier Skins and the Fighting Game Clone Character Solution?

Clone style characters are nothing new to fighting games. Simply put, they’re different looking characters that basically take the move set from an existing character and add in a few different effects or colors. Ultimately though, they’re pretty much a … Continue reading

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Titanfall 2 Impressions – Frantic Fun on the Frontier

I am legit worried about Titanfall 2. Since launching a couple weeks back, stories have already begun to circulate about the disappointing sales numbers and investors jumping the gun by assuming the game will have substantially disappointing sales numbers. Granted, … Continue reading

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Survival is Coming to The Division

I’ll fully admit it, I kinda jumped off The Division bandwagon after Underground hit. I know I wrote up a positive impression of it and I still feel that way, but a few weeks after Ubisoft announced that it was … Continue reading

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Now Arriving: Games of November 2016

Did you make it through October? Well gear up folks, the second wave is on the way. Just like last month, there’s a ton of games coming in November, a few annual franchises, and some new stuff to occupy your … Continue reading

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