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Let’s Chat: ReCore Impressions

To say I didn’t have a somewhat unhealthy level of hype for ReCore prior to its launch would be an understatement. Considering I basically championed the game before its release, says more than enough. I mean, how could I not be … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts on the Second Titanfall 2 Technical Test

It’s been a few weeks since Titanfall 2 opened its doors for players to help test their infrastructure and try out some of the new mechanics coming in the sequel. After a surprising first weekend, Respawn rolled out a number … Continue reading

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I’m Rooting for ReCore

Well gang, the summer lull is officially over and we’re quickly speeding into the holiday release rush period. One of my most anticipated titles of 2016, ReCore, finally hits store shelves next week and I couldn’t be more excited. For … Continue reading

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Titantall 2 Tech Test Hoopla and the Respawn Response

Truth be told, I wasn’t planning on writing about Titanfall 2 again this week, mainly because I don’t want to beat you all over the head with the same content over and over. As they say, variety is the spice … Continue reading

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Titanfall 2 (Very) Early Multiplayer Impressions

The first technical test of Titanfall 2 has quickly come and gone and I think the team at Respawn has learned a lot from it. The early build of the game allowed players to get a very small taste at … Continue reading

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A Handful of Changes I’d Like To See With Destiny 2

When it released two years ago, Destiny proved to be a very divisive experience for many. Player hype was through the roof, and frankly, there was probably no way that the game was ever going to reach fan expectations, similar to … Continue reading

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My Thoughts On The Recent Splinter Cell Rumors

Could Sam Fisher be making a come back? For those who didn’t hear the (potential) news, rumors have begun circulating that Ubisoft has a new Splinter Cell in the works. As a big fan of the franchise, this makes my … Continue reading

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