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Now Arriving: Games of May 2016

The video game release train continues on into May which also features a packed and unrelenting release schedule. I hope you’ve all prepped your wallets because there are a lot of good things to look forward to. Let’s take a … Continue reading

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Brace Yourself! It’s The April Fools Day Round Up for 2016

One of the most divisive holidays has come and gone leaving a wake of destruction in it’s path: April Fools Day. It seems like this holiday divides the gaming community like no other, as companies push out fake news or … Continue reading

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The UK Shake Up: Fable Legends and Lionhead Studios Are No More

Real surprising news out of Microsoft UK yesterday as they announced that not only has development ceased on Fable Legends, but both Lionhead Studios and Press Play are shutting down as well. Press Play kind of came out of no … Continue reading

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Now Arriving: Games of March 2016

2016 keeps trucking right along and we’re finally entering March, which typically beings an early rush of video games. This year is no different with a number of high profile games are finally arriving so lets take a look. The … Continue reading

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Sweeping Changes Coming to Destiny: The Taken King Including Everyone’s Favorite Ghost

“That wizard came from the moon!” Fare thee well, Dinklebot. You had an uninspired but good run. For those who may have missed out on the news, Bungie detailed a staggering amount of changes coming to Destiny when The Taken … Continue reading

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The Kojima/Konami Saga Takes A New and Bizarre Turn

The epic and tragic saga between legendary developer Hideo Kojima and his (former) parent company Konami has taken a new turn this week. While we still don’t know the origin story of this tale, things have gotten real ugly over … Continue reading

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E3 2015: My Favorite Announcements and Surprises

With the amount of leaks and reveals we’ve seen prior to this week, I figured E3 this year would be devote of some big shocker or cool moments. Sure, it’s always nice to get a heads up before hand to … Continue reading

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