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My Favorite Announcements From PlayStation Experience 2016

In what is quickly becoming a bigger and bigger spectacle, PlayStation held their annual Experience event this past weekend. As these things go, the keynote unleashed a ton of announcements on the crowd. Between this show and The Game Awards last … Continue reading

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Gaming Festivus – Airing Grievances Before 2016 Ends

Considering it’s now December, the Holiday season is right around the corner.  So what better time than now to participate in a little Festivus for the rest of us? For those scratching their heads, Festivus is a fictional holiday created … Continue reading

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Saturday Video Round Up: End of Year Odds and Ends Edition

Okay, lets address the elephant in the room right here and right now. Yes, I know what I told you before. You’re probably wondering why you’re now reading a brand new Video Round Up post. Well, the short answer is, … Continue reading

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Big Reveals From The Game Awards – Recapping The Announcements

The annual Game Awards have now come and gone, celebrating the industry and the work it does over the past year, and giving fans a look at some upcoming games. Overall, I thought the show was well put together, similar … Continue reading

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Now Arriving: Games of December 2016

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the chaotic waters of October and November. That’s not to say we’ve entered into a barren wasteland however. While the total number of games launching in December may be down significantly from the past couple of months, there’s … Continue reading

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Saturday Video Round Up: Nov 13 – 19

Well folks, this week marks a very special edition of the Video Round Up. Like I do every year, the Round Up is going on a little vacation, set to return early in 2017. We’re finally past all of the … Continue reading

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Top Games and Features I’d Like To See In A Classic SNES Bundle

Even with Wii U production finally winding down it finally being put out to pasture, Nintendo has managed to find a way to keep its fanbase excited. Many of you may be thinking of the newly revealed Switch console, but I’m … Continue reading

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