E3 2019 Conference Recap and Thoughts: Nintendo

I’m kicking my E3 2019 recap series with Nintendo, my overall winner this year. I mean, I was really happy with what Nintendo showed off but overall, is declaring a winner really saying much? I’ll save that for another post. For now, let’s focus on Nintendo.

Even as they face a new generation of consoles from their rivals, Nintendo’s stance is to continue to do what they do and ignore the noise. That focus on joy and fun really showed through this year as they delivered a wonderful E3 Direct, even if Reggie wasn’t there. Seriously, how weird was that?

nintendo direct e3 2019

Even though we knew some of what they’d be discussing this year, what other surprises did Nintendo have up their sleeves? Let’s discuss.

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E3 2019 Thoughts: Revenge of the CG!

Another E3 has come and gone and it’s time to catch up on my sleep but to compile my thoughts to start making sense of everything that happened at E3 2019. I had a few general thoughts on the show this year so consider this that discussion on everything I’ve seen so far.

e3 2019 logo

There’s been a ton of reveals, big surprises, and a couple of let downs as well, but overall, I’m enjoying the ride. I’ll have my thoughts on the individual conferences starting next week, but I wanted to lay out some initial thoughts that I had about this year’s show overall. There was one pattern that seemed to unite everyone, which I may have hinted at a bit in the title of this article.

Yes, that’s right, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the over use of CGI.

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Friday Video Round Up: June 2 – 7

Hey, surprise!

So I know I said no Video Round Up this week due to E3, but with just a ton of leaks and early reveals, I couldn’t help myself. There’s just so much to discuss already, that I had to move the Round Up…well, UP a few days earlier before the insanity of E3 really hits home. So, let’s waste no more time and jump right in!

It’s hard to pick out the biggest announcement this week, but you could certainly make the argument for Bungie. Questions have surrounded Destiny 2 since Bungie split from Activision. This week, the studio revealed their plans which include all sorts of things like cross-save, a new expansion called Shadowkeep, Destiny: New Light, and much more. Come have a look at the next big chapter in the franchise.

It’s hard to pick out just a few trailers to talk about, but I’m personally pretty excited about the newly revealed Darksiders: Genesis. Two things:

  1. It’s being developed by Airship Syndicate which is a studio made up of a lot of former Vigil employees as well as Darksiders creator and artist Joe Madureira.
  2. Not only does it feature the fourth horseman Strife, but it has all the other horsemen playable as well. We’re talking an isometric view, Diablo style RPG, not the current style players have seen in the past three games.

There’s A LOT more waiting for you below the break. We’re talking Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Baldur’s Gate 3, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and much more.

As always, the full video list for this week awaits you after the jump…

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I Have Concerns: Watch Dogs Legion

“My name is Legion: for we are many.”

Before we begin on this topic, let me address a couple things. For now, Watch Dogs Legion is not confirmed by Ubisoft, so the information I’m working under may not be super accurate. As always, I’m going to withhold ultimate judgement for after I see the actual content from Ubisoft directly.

In addition, I’m quite fond of Ubisoft’s work on this franchise. I really enjoyed the first game, warts and all, and I absolutely loved Watch_Dogs 2. I’ve always been fully anticipating a third entry, ready to dive back into the franchise without hesitation.

Still, I can’t help but comment on the latest leaked details provided by Kotaku this week. I’m conflicted on the latest reports for the rumored third entry now known as Watch Dogs Legion. Let’s Discuss.

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Now Arriving: Games of June 2019

June is here and it’s a big month for fans of Video Games. The biggest event in all the land is only a week away, so prepare for a look into the future when E3 2019 arrives. June is also the start of the dreaded Summer Drought, where studios essentially go dark and prepare for the great Fall Games Release Bonanza.

Still, June could be a lot worse. There’s a few big names to discuss, so let’s have a look.

The biggest name this month comes from Nintendo as Super Mario Maker 2 unleashes creative chaos again on the Switch. Taking the addictive and enjoyable fundamentals from the overlooked WiiU title, Super Mario Maker 2 delivers even more content, stages, themes, and levels for players to make their own Mario levels or playing other courses created by others.

Crash is back! Again! While Activision gave us a new look on his classic platforming titles last year, this year we’re invited to hit the race courses again with Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled.

There’s a few other titles you may be interested so hit the jump to see the full June release schedule. Enjoy!

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Sunday Video Round Up: May 26 – June 1

Don’t look now, but next weekend is the start of E3 2019. I personally can’t believe it’s here already, but can’t wait to see what’s coming. Before we get to this week’s Video Round Up, the start of E3 next weekend means there won’t be a traditional round up on Sunday. Don’t worry though, we’ll have an extra special one following the annual event.

Okay, now let’s take a look at all of the trailers and videos from this past week, shall we?

After a longer than expected wait, NetherRealm Studios finally dropped it’s Kombat Pack 1 trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 and I think it really hit home with a lot of veteran fans. Not only did it reveal most of the planned DLC fighters coming in this first wave, but it showed off the longtime kombatant, Shang Tsung. Not only is he based on the movie’s Cary Tagawa, but this version has a few ninja tricks up his sleeve.

The other big reveal this week (besides Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) came from Hideo Kojima and Sony. Basically an information dump for Death Stranding as well as a nearly 9 minute trailer, and I can honestly say I’m still as confused as I was before I watched it. Hey, it’s a gorgeous looking title and even though I still can’t tell you much about it, I’m interested.

In case you missed it, I finished up my annual E3 predictions this week by examining what I think is going to happen and what I want to happen with Third Party games. I also tried to tackle Sony, even though we know they won’t be there this year.

As always, the full video list for this week awaits you after the jump…

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Gamer Crash Doesn’t Predict E3 2019: Sony

Welcome to my E3 2019 predictions! This year, we’re wrapping things up with Sony. Check out these links for my thoughts, predictions, and hopes for: Xbox, Nintendo, and Third Party.

The final E3 2019 prediction post is here, and this one is going to be a bit…well, awkward. I won’t lie, I almost didn’t bother making a post for Sony since they shockingly confirmed earlier this year that they weren’t going to be at E3. It’s going to feel a bit different this year, that’s for sure.


Why are they skipping E3? We don’t know for sure but my guess is that the company doesn’t have much to show at the moment. Most of the games they showed off last year are still being worked on so their presentation would largely be the same as it was last year.

I’m also under the impression that the company got more flak than they expected for last year’s presentation. It was a bit stilted, there was like a 20-30 minute break after the first segment, and it lacked a lot of exciting announcements fans had come to expect. With this generation quickly coming to an end, the same games still in development, and Sony not quite ready to fully reveal the PS5 yet, you can kind of see why E3 lost its appeal this year.

So even though Sony won’t be there this year, I still figured it’s worth putting together a couple of predictions and a wish list for what I hope to see for the rest of this year. THis list was kinda difficult to put together

Without further adieu, here’s my Sony predictions for 2019.

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