Sunday Video Round Up: March 25 – 31

Happy Easter everyone! For those celebrating, I hope you’re enjoying the day with family and friends, so thanks for taking some time to stop by my site. Of course, it’s Sunday so that means it’s time for a brand new edition of the Round Up. Here’s a small taste of what’s to come.

We’re only a few weeks away from the latest and most radical installment of the God of War franchise. While the game features a lot of changes to the core formulas including a brand new setting within Norse mythology, Kratos is also battling his enemies with a new weapon: the Leviathan Axe. Come get a closer look at the deadly new weapon in a brand new trailer.

Growing up, I loved playing games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, as it let me basically create my own theme park. Now, take that idea and add dinosaurs to it and you have Jurassic World Evolution. Made by the experts in this genre, Frontier Developments, the latest trailer finally tells us when we can start creating our own dinosaur parks.

I’ve also got new videos for SoulCalibur VI, Far Cry 5, Detroit: Become Human, and so much more after the break!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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Now Arriving: Games of April 2018

Well, folks, we’re full steam into April, which means it’s a whole month full of exciting new releases. Just like March, April isn’t as robust with big-name releases as we’ve seen in the past couple of years, but there’s certainly a few to keep your eye on.

For most PlayStation fans, April begins and ends with three words: God Of War. The latest game in the long-running action series is actually a stunning departure from previous games. Outside of the fact that the setting is now rooted in Norse mythology, it appears to feature a more mature and thoughtful style experience. Yes, the visceral action and gore is still there, but it has the look of The Last of Us more than the first God of War. I’m intrigued.

Switch owners also get to go hands-on with the quirky yet intriguing Nintendo Labo devices this month as well. Starting on April 20, the Robot and Variety Kit release into stores, ensuring that plenty of folks are going to get more out of cardboard than they likely have in a long while.

If those things aren’t up your alley, there are a few other titles taking a look at this month as well. As always, hit the break to see the full list of games coming to you this month.

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Sunday Video Round Up: March 18 – 24

The Round Up has returned once more, bringing you all the best video game trailers and gameplay from the past week. Here’s a few highlights to be on the lookout for with the full list waiting for you below the break.

Outside of Far Cry 5, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) games releasing this spring is God of War. The series looks to be evolving into something a little more mature, moving away from the chaotic action in favor of something a little more substantial and gritty. Kratos is joined by his son Atreus for this adventure, and while companion characters haven’t always worked out, this one could be different. Check out the latest behind the scenes video to find out why.

The Elder Scrolls Online is still going strong as Bethesda prepares to launch its latest chapter for the Online MMO style title. With this update, the land of Summerset is now open to adventurers. To celebrate the announcement, two videos are available for your viewing pleasure. One shows off gameplay elements, while the other is a really well produced cinematic trailer.

I’ve also got new videos for Overwatch, Sea of Thieves, Ni no Kuni II, and so much more after the break!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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5 More Things I Want to See In The Division 2

Full disclosure, I wrote an article on this very topic back in December 2017. I’m doing it again.

Obviously, since that point, a lot has happened in the world of The Division. At that time, I had just rejoined the game thanks in large part to a massive free update that added a ton of new content to the experience. Since then, Ubisoft has launched a couple of global events and has been hosting small, mini events each weekend. As such, the game has had a tight hold on me and has allowed me to expand my knowledge, especially when it comes to improving gear.

the division 2 logo

Besides the new content and updates for the existing game, Ubisoft went on to surprise everyone by announcing The Division 2 much sooner than most expected. Though not much was revealed, the studio did mention that we’ll be seeing it in greater detail in a couple months at E3 2018. If rumors are true, this sequel has been in development for a while and is likely further along than we all initially thought.

With the reveal of the actual sequel, it got my wheels turning once again, especially with as much as I’ve been playing lately. While I still agree with my previous post, I’ve actually come up with a few new ideas which I believe would be pretty great.

Here’s my new list of 5 things I want to see:

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Sunday Video Round Up: March 11 – 17

Sunday is finally here and that means it’s time for an all new edition of the Video Round Up. Kick back as the latest gameplay videos and trailers from the industry have all been collected for your viewing pleasure. All you need to do is turn up the volume and press play.

One of the biggest announcements from the past week is that Geralt of Rivia, the white haired monster hunter from The Witcher series, is jumping out of that franchise and joining the motley crew inside of SoulCalibur VI. Honestly, his debut trailer is very impressive and he looks to be a natural fit to the long running fighting series.

The Overwatch team recently announced Torbjorn’s daughter Brigitte as the latest hero to join the roster. While her launch is right around the corner, Blizzard put out a new developer video, detailing the concepts behind how the team designed her. It’s really fascinating stuff, and a great peek behind the scenes.

I’ve also got new videos for Call of Duty: WWII, Sea of Thieves, Ni no Kuni II, and so much more after the break!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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Rainbow Six Siege Changes The Game With Outbreak

A lot of people were surprised when Ubisoft revealed that the start of Year 3 for Rainbow Six Siege would include a heavy focus on a new player versus enemy mode called Outbreak. Since launch, Siege has been a game focused entirely on the player versus player experience, pitting operators based on real-world agencies against one another using modern technology, weapons, and gadgets.

rainbow six siege outbreak logo

With Operation Chimera and the new Outbreak mode, Ubisoft decided to switch things up by adding more sci-fi elements including some sort of medical emergency which created various forms of zombie-like creatures. While the content initially stumbled a bit with fans regarding how cosmetic packs are handled (purchased, not earned), on the whole, Outbreak has been a massive success for Ubisoft and the game itself.

Here’s what I thought of the new PvE style mode inside of Operation Chimera.

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Sunday Video Round Up: March 4 – 10

Another weekend means it’s time for another brand new edition of the Video Round Up. As always, we’re bringing you the the best trailers and video content from the week that was. Pull up a chair, relax, and press play!

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? StarCraft, Blizzard’s Sci-Fi RTS, is turning 20 this year and the company has some big plans on how to celebrate. So come have a look at its humble beginnings, where it went, and also where it’s going. They grow up so fast.

Speaking of celebrating, there are a lot of games in the mood to party these days as many of them are looking back on their first year. Some are even holding special events for players, so come take a look at new video content for games like NieR: Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghost Recon Wildlands and more!

I’ve also got new videos for Far Cry 5, Soul Calibur VI, Ni no Kuni II, and so much more after the break!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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