Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and the Power of Photo Mode

I’ve always been a big proponent of having a photo mode in games ever since that feature was first introduced. Being able to pause a game and grab images has been a ton of fun and easily one of my favorite things about this current console generation. I’ve been able to make a lot of great content over the years thanks in large part to photo mode, from videos like my Driveclub montage to fun posts right here on Gamer Crash. Here are a couple of links if you’re interested: Horizon Zero Dawn, Photo Album 1, Photo Album 2.

While the feature is nothing new to the Uncharted franchise, the recent release of The Lost Legacy has given me a new appreciation for the underrated game feature. While playing the other night, I came upon this just epic view of a local Indian village at night. While it’s unfortunate that the city was partly on fire due to a civil war breaking out, the contrast between the night sky and burning yellows and oranges of fire really struck me.

Here’s a photo. Don’t worry, no spoilers here as this image is taken from the very first mission in the game.

Now, many photo modes also give players plenty of setting and options to tinker with including special filters. Here’s the same photo, with a different filter applied to it.

This second image really struck a chord with me. I sat there staring at it in amazement. I was floored at just how different the same picture looks all because of a new filter applied to it. It’s fascinating how such a simple change like applying a new filter can completely change the context of a picture or cause people to interpret the same image in a completely different way.

With this deep red hue applied, it gives the image a whole new meaning. It’s almost scary in nature now, providing a more foreboding feeling or sensation. To me, this could easily be a screenshot pulled from some horror game.

By the way, not to suddenly shift the tone of this article, but Naughty Dog took an element from Horizon Zero Dawn and went a step further with it. Inside photo mode you can change Chloe’s expression during gameplay, but what’s cooler is that you can also do this during cut scenes as well. Needless to say, this gives you plenty of opportunities to create some really outlandish or wacky photos. No matter if you’re watching an incredibly tense, emotional, or contemplative scene, you can capture something like this:

or even this:

I’m curious though, have you ever messed around with filters and found something similar? Are you a fan of photo mode in games?

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Saturday Video Round Up For August 20 – 26: Gamescom 2017 Edition

It’s been a pretty big week if you’re a fan of video games and let’s be honest, you’re here so you must fall into that camp. Gamescom came roaring out of the gates this week and a flood of trailers descended onto the internet like a cloud of locusts. The Video Round Up is bulging at the seams with new video content for you this week. Seriously, there’s a huge amount of quality content this week, so here’s just a small taste.

Call me a bit of a fanboy, but the trailer that Ubisoft released at Gamescom for Assassin’s Creed Origins was simply fantastic. It’s a bit slower paced, but it shows a bunch of characters (like Cleopatra) players will be interacting with during the campaign. Not only that, there’s a super badass fight scene at the end, with protagonist Bayek even killing a dude with his bow and arrows using only his legs.

Star Wars Battlefront II looks to be a vast improvement over it’s predecessor based on everything we’ve seen so far. In addition to a single player campaign, multiplayer battles span across all three major eras, customization has gotten a major boost, and as we see now, space battles are way more epic. Check out the latest Starfighter Assault footage in the Gamescom 2017 trailer.

Seriously, the Round Up is bursting at the seams this week. I’ve also got new videos for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Destiny 2, Overwatch, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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Taking On The Backlog: Firewatch

For many of us, backlogs are a real and terrifying element to being a gamer. My weakness seems to be the bi-annual Steam sales which drop most games to ridiculous prices that I just can’t pass on. Sadly, I don’t have nearly as much time as I once did to game, meaning that a lot of these purchases get put on the back burner. Eventually, these games form a big pile lovingly known as the backlog.

With the summer months in full swing and without many major releases to occupy my time, I’ve been able to slowly chip away at that pile of games I’ve been meaning to play. I figured I’d update you all on what I thought of some of them along the way. Today, we’re taking a look at Campo Santo’s first title, Firewatch.

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SNES Classic: The Modern Age Gold Rush

Before we begin with my little venting session below, I’d like to mention that I had a nice and calm post all ready to go today instead. Considering the clown show that is pre-ordering the SNES Classic, I had to bump that one to later this week so I could get this off my chest. For those of you also having issues pre-ordering new consoles or anything else for that matter, feel free to vent in the comments.

I feel a little dumb. For some reason, I took Nintendo at face value when they said that they were going to improve the console buying process by introducing pre-orders for the SNES Classic. I figured that would solve most of the issues experienced from last year’s NES Classic mess.

The trends Nintendo has been setting over the past few years should have brought me back to reality, however. The last few console releases from Nintendo have not gone particularly well. The Wii, WiiU, and now the Switch have sold out insanely fast, and for half a year (at least) after release, the consoles can’t be found sitting on a store shelf. I shouldn’t need to remind anyone about the train wreck that was the NES Classic. This rare but insanely popular console was shockingly discontinued after only a few months of being available, leaving a massive amount of eager fans out in the cold.

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Saturday Video Round Up: August 13 – 19

The end of the week has once again arrived, so a hearty congratulations are in order for making it through to the end. Your reward, like every week, is a brand new Video Round Up, bringing the best trailers and gameplay clips from the past seven days. Here’s a small taste as to the content waiting for you this week.

Though it may not be considered a normal AAA release, Sony is banking heavily on the former expansion pack turned retail release, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. If you need more convincing, two new trailers are waiting for you this week. The first details how Naughty Dog plans to expand the franchise while the second shows off plenty of Uncharted goodness in the launch trailer.

The Destiny 2 PC beta is quickly approaching later this month. If you’re eager to see what this franchise looks like on a high powered PC, Bungie has released a brand new trailer for your to view.

I’ve also got new videos for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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The Magic of Pyre and the Supergiant Games Formula

After their last game release, Supergiant Games basically entered my trust list. That is, a fictional document in my head that’s basically a list of developers whom I’d pretty much buy from on day one, sight unseen. For me, these guys came out of nowhere to deliver memorable experiences like Bastion and Transistor.

What I find so compelling about the studio is their ability to tap into new ideas for each game. For example, Bastion is an isometric action-RPG set in an interesting hand-painted world. Transistor, on the other hand, takes place in a more sci-fi style world and uses a special pause and plan style of combat known as Turn(). Needless to say, each game plays quite differently from one another and that’s really what I admire and respect about their formula. They don’t tend to rehash ideas, even if they prove to be successful.

When Pyre was first announced, I was excited to see a new Supergiant game, but for some reason, it didn’t resonate with me like the other games had. Perhaps it was because I didn’t quite understand what it was. Unlike the previous games, first details showed an almost 3 on 3 style sports game. I didn’t totally understand it and unfortunately, it slid off my radar.

Perhaps it was positive word of mouth or some new gameplay which attracted me back to the game. I decided to jump in and found a brand new experience once again. As I should have guessed from the start, Supergiant has another winner on their hands.

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Saturday Video Round Up: August 6 – 12

It’s the weekend once again, which means it’s time for your weekly dose of the Video Round Up. As we head into prime video game season, the trailers have begun to flow. Without further adieu, here’s just a small sample of the content waiting for you this week.

With about a month left until release, Bungie is releasing the marketing hounds for Destiny 2. This week, Lord Shaxx drops some knowledge on the competitive multiplayer side of the game, known as the Crucible. Learn what each class brings to the table in this stylish and snazzy trailer.

This week, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus continues its recent trend of introducing us to what classic TV shows would like if they really did exist in this alternate timeline. Chocolate lovers may need to hold their candy just a little bit tighter after this week’s video.

I’ve also got new videos for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Overwatch, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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