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For Honor Campaign Impressions – For the King/Shogun/Warlord!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked at length about the multiplayer component to Ubisoft’s melee action title For Honor. I think at this point you all have a pretty good idea on how I feel about it and how … Continue reading

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gets A Season Pass

The big Nintendo news last week was that their big AAA Switch launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is getting a season pass. While Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users probably wouldn’t bat an eye at that … Continue reading

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For Honor Closed Beta Impressions

Well, I promised you all some impressions on For Honor and today is the day I finally deliver. With an open beta arriving this coming weekend, hopefully I can better paint the picture of what you’ll be getting yourself into. … Continue reading

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The Shifting Battlefields of For Honor

When For Honor was first announced at E3 a few years ago, I was immediately on board. Seeing three mighty factions like knights, vikings, and samurai battle it out against one another was a welcomed sight, even if something like this isn’t … Continue reading

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Premier Skins and the Fighting Game Clone Character Solution?

Clone style characters are nothing new to fighting games. Simply put, they’re different looking characters that basically take the move set from an existing character and add in a few different effects or colors. Ultimately though, they’re pretty much a … Continue reading

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Nintendo Switch Presentation – Quick Thoughts and Concerns

After the disappointing lifespan of the WiiU, Nintendo is betting big on the Switch, their newest console that acts as both a home and portable system. It’s an interesting concept and one that really seemed to capture people’s attention when … Continue reading

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Gaming Festivus – Airing Grievances Before 2016 Ends

Considering it’s now December, the Holiday season is right around the corner.  So what better time than now to participate in a little Festivus for the rest of us? For those scratching their heads, Festivus is a fictional holiday created … Continue reading

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