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The Shifting Battlefields of For Honor

When For Honor was first announced at E3 a few years ago, I was immediately on board. Seeing three mighty factions like knights, vikings, and samurai battle it out against one another was a welcomed sight, even if something like this isn’t … Continue reading

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Premier Skins and the Fighting Game Clone Character Solution?

Clone style characters are nothing new to fighting games. Simply put, they’re different looking characters that basically take the move set from an existing character and add in a few different effects or colors. Ultimately though, they’re pretty much a … Continue reading

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Saturday Video Round Up: January 15 – 21, 2017

Saturday has once again reared its head and that means a brand new edition of the Round Up is here as well. Studios appear to be back into the swing of things after a holiday break and there are a … Continue reading

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The Amended Gamer Crash Awards for 2016

Like many people I’m sure, I have a larger than expected backlog of games to get through. It’s the same thing each and every year. Just not enough time in the day to get through everything.  That’s one of the … Continue reading

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Saturday Video Round Up: Holiday 2016 Edition

Look show’s back?! After a long winter nap, the video round up has finally returned to deliver you the best trailers and gameplay from the week that was. There’s a lot to catch up on from the past few weeks. … Continue reading

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Nintendo Switch Presentation – Quick Thoughts and Concerns

After the disappointing lifespan of the WiiU, Nintendo is betting big on the Switch, their newest console that acts as both a home and portable system. It’s an interesting concept and one that really seemed to capture people’s attention when … Continue reading

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GamerCast: Looking Ahead to 2017

So here we are, Happy New Year everyone! 2017 is finally here and I don’t know about you, but from what we do know, this year is shaping up to be another great one. In a long-standing tradition, it’s time … Continue reading

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