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The Gamer Crash Awards: Game of the Year 2020

Part 4 of the annual Gamer Crash Awards is finally here! If you missed any previous categories, you can catch up with these handy links right here: End of Year Superlatives; Small Game/Indie; Soundtrack. Well, here we are. The final … Continue reading

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The Gamer Crash Awards 2020: Alternative End of Year Superlatives

It’s Part 3 of the 2020 Gamer Crash Awards! Did you miss anything already announced? Catch up with the Best Soundtrack and Best Indie/Small Game categories. Today’s awards are a bit of a take on what I did last year. … Continue reading

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Gamer Crash Awards 2020: Best Indie/Small Game

Did you miss an award? Catch up with the Best Soundtrack of 2020! The next awards category for The Gamer Crash Awards is best small game/downloadable/indie. There were an absolutely ton of these this year, many of which came at … Continue reading

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The Gamer Crash Awards 2020 – Best Soundtrack

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The 2020 Gamer Crash Awards! This is the annual event where we celebrate the latest and the greatest over the past year. Now, a couple of things to note before we get into today’s nominees. … Continue reading

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Hands on with KontrolFreek

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been putting some KontrolFreek accessories through their paces. I’m familiar with the company largely due to their controller accessories, especially the performance thumbsticks. A couple years back, I was able to grab Destiny 2 … Continue reading

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Impressions

Since it was revealed earlier this summer, Destiny 2: Beyond Light was positioned as a new beginning for the three year old game. When you think about it, a lot has changed in almost two years. Bungie broke up with … Continue reading

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It’s Coming! The Gamer Crash Awards 2020

Whew, what a year, right? Pandemics aside, it’s been a pretty good year for fans of video games. I mean, we’ve seen a ton of remarkable titles this year, from expected triple AAA releases to surprising indie darlings. Not only … Continue reading

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Destiny 2 Live Events: Take 2

With the delay to Beyond Light extending the Season of Arrivals beyond its original start and end dates, I’ve taken the opportunity to put Destiny 2 down to the side over the past month or so to just get away … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Watch Dogs Legion Review

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been scarce lately. The big reason is that I’ve been incredibly busy and part of that is due to the fact that I was in charge of the review for Watch Dogs Legion at Game … Continue reading

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Hades Is A Hellishly Good Time

Hi, my name is Derek and I’m addicted to Hades. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Wait, that’s not right. Loving Hades isn’t a problem, not at all. In fact, you should all be playing it … Continue reading

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What. A. Mess.

Even though we’re less than two months until the next generation of consoles launch and both Sony and Microsoft have basically revealed plenty of new details and information, things are just not as great as they should be. Over the … Continue reading

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The Next Gen Table is Finally Set

Whew! For those of you keeping up with next gen console news, it’s been an interesting summer considering that E3 was taken away. Both Microsoft and Sony have had to scramble to change their plans and announce things over the … Continue reading

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History Behind The Game: Ghost of Tsushima

It’s been a very long time, but after playing through (and absolutely loving) Ghost of Tsushima, I knew it was time to bring back this feature. For those who don’t know, History Behind The Game is something I used to … Continue reading

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Marvel’s Avengers Beta Impressions – A Fine Game

I’ve really been struggling with this one. I’ve played the beta on PS4 for the past two weekends and my thoughts on this game are all over the map. Trying to sort them out has been tougher than expected. My … Continue reading

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Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Game Reveal Reactions

I was going to talk about Marvel’s Avengers today, but lets save that difficult post for another day. Instead, let’s chat about the DC FanDome event this past weekend and its two big game reveals! Fans have been waiting years … Continue reading

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