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Gamer Crash Awards: Superlatives and Late to the Party Revisions

As I’ve said in the past, I’m just one guy running this site. As such, I don’t have the finances or time to play absolutely every game. Sometimes, I don’t get to games “on time” and well after they’ve been … Continue reading

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Gamer Crash Awards: Game of the Year 2021

Part 4 of the annual Gamer Crash Awards is finally here! If you missed any previous categories, you can catch up with these handy links right here: Biggest Surprise Best Soundtrack Best Indie/Small Developer Game Well, here we are, the … Continue reading

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Best Small/Independent Game

Missed any of the previous awards? Catch up here! Best Soundtrack Biggest Surprise The awards keep rolling along! This time, we’re looking at the best smaller or independent game. As always, there are just a ton, many of which I … Continue reading

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Biggest Surprise of 2021

In case you missed it, catch up with the entire Gamer Crash Awards! Best Soundtrack 2021 The next award we’re taking a look at today is the biggest surprise. These can be games that were completely off my radar when … Continue reading

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The Gamer Crash Awards 2021 – Best Soundtrack

What, you didn’t really think I’d let the year end without the Gamer Crash Awards, did you? I know I’ve been gone for nearly half a year, but I’m certainly not one to break tradition. So with that said, welcome … Continue reading

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Thoughts on E3 2021

Shockingly, almost a month has gone by since the return of E3. I know I had a ton to say prior to the show, and as expected, we were all bombarded with information, reveals, announcements, and everything in between. These … Continue reading

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What I Want to See at E3 2021

Well everyone, the Summer of Reveals kicks off this week with Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest. It feels good to be saying that because that also means E3 is now days away, so the level of reveals is about to … Continue reading

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Gamer Crash (Tries to) Predict: Microsoft E3 2021

We’re continuing on the E3 2021 prediction train this week! This time, the station we’re pulling in to is for Microsoft. While the Xbox Series X/S remains highly sought after next generation consoles, they continue to be incredibly hard to … Continue reading

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Gamer Crash (Tries to) Predict: Nintendo E3 2021

The right lights and long lines may still be a distant memory in this new, post-COVID world, but we are getting a digital E3 conference this year. Better than nothing, right? At the very least, it not only gives us … Continue reading

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E3 2021 Is Almost Here! Let’s Get Predicting!

I’ll be honest, it felt great to be able to type that headline again. I, for one, am thrilled that E3 is back again this year after the chaos of 2020. Yes, I know it won’t be anywhere near the … Continue reading

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Indie Developer PSA

As I’m sure most media or in the public spotlight can attest, there are times when others try to take advantage of them or their status in some way. While I’m certainly no where near being someone considered high-profile, a … Continue reading

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Apex Legends Finally Leans Hard Into Titanfall

Following it’s stealth launch back in February 2019, Respawn Entertainment has made sure that fans knew Apex Legends took place in the same universe as the fan favorite shooter series, Titanfall. Apex Legends technically takes place after the events of … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Overhyping a Fanbase

At long last, fans were getting a digital event. Nintendo was going to be the first in 2021 to showcase new content which was specifically stated to be games coming in the first half of 2021. Better yet, it was … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Gaming Industry for 2021

Needless to say, 2020 saw a massive change in the way we, as fans, interacted with games. The coronavirus really upended a lot of our annual traditions, from big game events, to expected game releases, and so much more. While … Continue reading

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The GamerCast: Looking Ahead into 2021

Wow, what a year we just left behind, right? 2020 may not have gone the way that many people had hoped, thanks in large part to a global pandemic which basically forced us all to stay home and abandon many … Continue reading

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