About Gamer Crash

Started in July 2010 by current writer Derek Nichols (me), this site was created for gamers by gamers.  I’ve been a gaming enthusiast since the NES days and now I’m out to spread that passion to others.

The goal of Gamer Crash is to just be a place where gamers can come to crash for a while and have a good time.  I like to offer my opinion on just about everything while providing some insight on the latest news and games.  I try to keep this place as updated as possible with fresh content for your viewing pleasure. I love meeting new people so feel free to get in touch with me.

So spread the word!  I’m glad you found you’re way here!

A little more about me:

I’ve been a gamer my whole life just about ever since my parents brought home a NES back in 1990.  I’ve owned pretty much every Nintendo system ever (minus the Virtual Boy) and have been lucky enough to play outstanding games on other systems such as the Dreamcast, Xbox, PSOne, and PS2 thanks to my friends. Currently, I own a PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and a computer that’s actually powerful enough to play PC games.

Want to know what I’m currently playing?  Check out what’s currently on my plate by scrolling down to the widget on the left side of the site.