What I Want to See at E3 2021

Well everyone, the Summer of Reveals kicks off this week with Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest. It feels good to be saying that because that also means E3 is now days away, so the level of reveals is about to get massive.


I’ve already covered the big boys of E3 with Microsoft and Nintendo predictions, but for this week, I want to focus on games that I’d love to see shown off at the show. I honestly thought we’d be getting some Saints Row action, but I have to commend THQ Nordic for getting out ahead of the expectations and indicating what they won’t be showing, as disappointing as it may be. Many of these are likely a pipe dream but that’s okay, because this is my E3 2021 wishlist.

So, let’s jump into it:

The Next Battlefield – Okay, so you can mark this one down as 100% given. It will be there and it will not be called Battlefield 6. How am I so sure? Well, let’s just say I already know a lot about this game. No, I will not be sharing anything about it early, you’ll just have to tune in to see it in action.

EA (Arcade) Sports – I’m not a huge EA Sports guy, I’m perfectly willing to admit that. I much prefer the more arcadey style sports games that we’ve previously seen with the old Midway Games (NBA Jam, Blitz, etc) as well as the EA Big style games (SSX, NBA Street, NFL Street, etc). It is my hope that EA brings back some of these games. Maybe not the EA Big label, but I don’t really understand why a new NBA Street game hasn’t been made to this point yet. In addition, the last SSX game was outstanding so I really hope we return to that franchise. I’d love a new NFL Street, but the NFL seems particularly sensitive to games that promote big and over the top hits (due to concussion related issues the league sees each year) so as much as I hate to admit it, a new Blitz or Street doesn’t seem likely. Unlike Battlefield, I don’t have any insider information on this, but I’m really hoping it happens.

DC Comics Unite! – I’d love to see more on the Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad games. Obviously, Gotham Knights is much further along, so I’d expect a bit more from that game, but perhaps we’ll get another trailer for Suicide Squad as well.

Take-Two! – This one may have leaked early, but I’m all for a Marvel style XCOM game and I’d love to see what a Tiny Tina Borderlands experience would look like. Personally, I really hope BioShock 4 is revealed in some capacity, but I’m not holding my breath.

Sam “Splinter Cell” Fisher – Ubisoft. Listen. It’s time we had a chat. Every year I ask you for a new Splinter Cell game and every year you deny me that request while still saying you love the franchise. Instead, Sam is carted off to every other franchise under the Ubisoft umbrella. Well, it’s time to give Sam his franchise back. Let 2021 be the year of Splinter Cell. Please. (Post-publish Update: Rumors indicate that Splinter Cell won’t be there either. *Sigh*)

More Division – No, not a math joke…but it could be. I’m talking about the recently announced free to play version called The Division: Heartland. Speculation seems to indicate that this game is going to be like an expanded version of the Survival expansion from the first game, which was incredibly fun and underrated. Basically a PvPvE that mixed survival gameplay with Battle Royale elements before that genre exploded. I’m personally excited to hear more about this one. (Post-publish Update: Well, Ubisoft confirmed The Division won’t be at E3. Oh well.)

The Division contagion

Square Enixed – I feel like these guys are a little predictable as we know Avengers will be there (probably showing off Wakanda) and Final Fantasy will again be a big part of their showcase. I’d imagine they show off Final Fantasy XVI and maybe we’ll get a Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 trailer. Forspoken will also likely take up some stage time, at least to give fans a bit more information.

Going to the NetherRealm – There have been plenty of rumors swirling around Mortal Kombat and Injustice developer NetherRealm Studios these past few months. Something something Marvel fighting game. My guess is that we finally get those answers at E3.

Capcom Surprises – Capcom is confirmed to be at E3 this year and considering the huge stable of IPs they control, it’s hard to figure out what they’ll be showing. Personally, I think it’s a great time for some Resident Evil Village DLC, though they could also show off that multiplayer component which is still coming after it’s delay.

I think a massive announcement would be the reveal of Resident Evil 4 Remake, something which the fanbase seems divided on considering all of the ports that this game has gotten over the years. Still, seeing that game running on the RE Engine could be really fun.

The mysterious Pragmata will likely be shown, new content for the Monster Hunter series, and I can’t help but think fans will get some more fighting game news considering the company is well known for that. I feel like Street Fighter 6 is still too far off, so my safe guess is that they’ll show off more gameplay from upcoming DLC characters like Akira.

The heavily rumored Dragons Dogma 2 could be announced, sure, but personally, I hope we get another Marvel vs Capcom game. One that finally gives fans what they want between great gameplay and visuals that don’t look as offputting as they were in MvC:I. Capcom has been killing it with Street Fighter 5 content in recent years, so hopefully that magic rubs off on its other fighting game franchises.

Sony Additions – I almost made a dedicated Sony Prediction thread, but I just don’t have time before the event starts, so we’ll do it here! Even though it was recently delayed, I bet we’ll be seeing God of War 2…or Ragnarok…whatever the sequel is going to be called. Doubt we’ll be getting a release date, but hopefully we get that official sequel title.

I know Horizon: Forbidden West was just shown off in great detail, but I can’t see them not mentioning something about it again, perhaps a new trailer and potentially that much sought after release window?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits will absolutely be there in some capacity considering it launches on the PS5 in August. Similar story for Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo. If Microsoft doesn’t include them in its showcase (considering they’re still Bethesda games after all) then Sony likely will. I’m hoping for a gameplay deep dive of Deathloop as I feel like that’s the only real way to understand that game.

I say this every year, but maybe 2021 will be the year we finally get that PlayStation AllStars Battle Royale sequel. Maybe…

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