Gamer Crash (Tries to) Predict: Nintendo E3 2021

The right lights and long lines may still be a distant memory in this new, post-COVID world, but we are getting a digital E3 conference this year. Better than nothing, right? At the very least, it not only gives us something to talk about, but something to look forward to with plenty of reveals from the companies which have already confirmed their attendance.


One of those companies is Nintendo, who routinely gave fans a show at E3 year after year. Even though 2020 was very good for the company in terms of sales, I can’t help but feel like the pandemic really impacted what they wanted to do. In my opinion, their first party release schedule was pretty barebones, surprisingly relying on a new Hyrule Warriors game to be their big holiday release title.

That’s not me taking a dig at them or the game, but in a normal year, Nintendo usually has more planned. I’m hoping 2021 is the opposite for them, giving fans a cornucopia of titles as the year progresses. I’m expecting a number of big reveals at the show this year, many of which I’ve spoken about quite a bit. Here’s what I’m expecting from Nintendo at E3 2021.


This one seems fairly obvious as the company announced two new games earlier this year in the Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. I’d be shocked if Nintendo didn’t give fans another look at each title. In fact, I’m expecting a deeper dive into Pokemon Legends: Arceus since the announcement trailer showed off a number of interesting and new mechanics like capturing Pokemon in the wild without battling them first. Expect solid release dates as well.

Switch Pro?

Even with Nintendo continuing to be shifty regarding this topic, I do believe an updated version of the Switch hardware is being worked on. It’s no secret that the Switch is underpowered, even more so with “next-gen” hardware being available. While I don’t believe Nintendo truly cares about maxing out hardware as much as making sure a game is fun, I feel like they’re working to make a beefier option available for those who want it. Games are getting more complex, so giving developers more bells and whistles to utilize will definitely be a benefit.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if this topic is avoided completely at E3. While it would be a perfect opportunity to make a huge announcement, the option may be out of Nintendo’s hands. Due to the pandemic, there’s a massive shortage on semiconductors, which impacts a whole range of technology including the Switch. With Nintendo likely struggling to produce consoles at a reasonable rate, it could mean a delay. Perhaps Nintendo will still announce it and not give a date, or maybe they wait until they actual have a decent sized inventory before revealing it.

Samus Returns…Finally.

I swear, I probably sound like a broken record but one of these days, Nintendo will finally reveal something legit around Metroid Prime 4. I’ll never stop predicting it until that day comes. It’s been in development long enough, they should be ready to show us SOMETHING.

I’m also a little intrigued by a new rumor I heard recently indicating that Nintendo also has a new 2D Metroid game in development. I’m very intrigued by this as Super Metroid remains one of my favorite games ever.

And hey, while we’re at it, maybe we can get Metroid Fusion added to the Nintendo Switch as well.

Bayonetta Time

See Metroid Prime 4. It’s time to show us what’s going on, Nintendo.

A New Challenger Approaches

Perfect time for another Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC reveal. I’d be shocked if we didn’t get a new trailer with a confirmation of a Sakurai deep dive a few days later.

A Second Wild Breath

In my opinion, Nintendo’s big E3 game this year is going to be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. I’m expecting the game to get the majority of the spotlight and if there is some sort of Treehouse event after the Direct, the game will be heavily featured. I’m talking new trailer and even a gameplay demonstration.

Squid Kids

I’m also expecting more details on the previously revealed Splatoon 3, especially since it is being lined up as a first half 2022 game. A new trailer now and perhaps a deep gameplay dive by Tokyo Game Show 2021. It’s also possible that Nintendo chooses to focus on the above games and holds back Splatoon 3 for another day. Typical Nintendo move to not overwhelm viewers with games.

I’d Love but Unlikely

I feel like we’re long overdue for a new Mario Kart game, but I’d be stunned if one was announced at E3. Mario Kart 8 is still doing really well so Nintendo probably doesn’t feel any rush to push out a new one. Still, I’d love to see the franchise expand to include other Nintendo franchises as well.

Star Fox and F-Zero. Like Mulder, I want to believe, but with a number of big games already planned, I can’t see these two franchises being called back yet.

Well, those are my picks, but what are you expecting to see? Let me know in the comments down below.

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