Indie Developer PSA

As I’m sure most media or in the public spotlight can attest, there are times when others try to take advantage of them or their status in some way. While I’m certainly no where near being someone considered high-profile, a person recently attempted to use my position at Game Rant to try and trick indie developers and studios into free keys.

Now, I find this behavior absolutely reprehensible, not just because they attempted to impersonate me, but the fact they’re targeting indie developers. People who have sacrificed time and money to realize a dream. Not only that, these games ultimately cost a fraction of a normal AAA title, so why try to screw these people out of hard earned money?

It doesn’t make any sense to me. So as a public service to developers out there, if you are being contacted by someone attempting to persuade you into giving them a “review key” for Game Rant, though unable to use the Game Rant email address, contact me directly before sending anything out. The email in question is super suspect with plenty of misinformation in it to make it look official, but I can understand it may not be easy to see for most.

Thankfully, many have done just this, contacting me to see if it really was me who requested review keys. It wasn’t and I wouldn’t. That’s not part of my job at Game Rant. Still, seeing these emails was surprising and upsetting, though I’m thankful that I could set the record straight for these individuals before anything could have happened.

While this clearly isn’t an ideal situation for anyone, I have to admit, some good did come from it. Thanks to people checking in with me directly, I was able to learn more about these individuals, their games, and a little bit more about who they are.

So while I may not have influence anywhere to the level of an IGN, Game Informer, or even my own employer, Game Rant, I thought the least I could do was shine my light on them as much as I could. Everyone I spoke with was super nice and understanding, some of them even had some really interesting stories. Who knows, perhaps one of them could be your next big obsession.

Just so we’re clear, none of them asked me to do this for them. So seriously, go have a look at each studio and game below.

Aron’s Adventure by TiMer Games

Lazy Chess by Cinq-Mars Media

Making History: The First World War by Factus Games

Alice and You in the planet of numbers by Mindware

Gravia by Dan Goyette

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