What. A. Mess.

Even though we’re less than two months until the next generation of consoles launch and both Sony and Microsoft have basically revealed plenty of new details and information, things are just not as great as they should be.

Over the past two weeks, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S have gone up for pre-order. Unfortunately, between the chaos of trying to pre-order this new tech online and the clearly smaller than anticipated inventory, many fans have been left out in the cold. Orders being canceled or delayed, pre-orders going live earlier than expected, and scalpers posting consoles online for outrageous prices have really dampened the experience for many.

Yes, the world is in a situation that’s a little different than normal, but you’d think that both Sony and Microsoft would do everything they could to make this moment truly exciting for buyers. Instead, it has turned into a nightmare.

This isn’t me trying to offer suggestions on how to fix it, because I really don’t know how you could outside of cutting out retail stores and handling pre-orders directly. I know that would likely cause an uproar and potentially strain business relationships, even though it would likely lead to a better experience for you and I.

I don’t know about you, but this whole process has left me kind of underwhelmed and disappointed. My excitement levels for November have dropped as I’m now coming to terms with likely not having either console out of the gate. My plan of picking up many cross-gen titles on next-gen consoles only has kind of been thrown out the window at this point. I know you can freely upgrade, but I was hoping I could simply start on next-gen fully.

Who knows if more will be put up for pre-order because when they do you either have to camp out for hours in front of a store or hope that you can check out within 15 seconds of the product appearing online. Even then, the site may randomly remove the item from your cart or tell you that the item is sold out when you attempt to confirm your purchase. I say this from experience.

It’s truly a mess and has really dampened what should have been a really exciting moment for everyone. At the very least, hopefully this serves as a learning moment for the future.

If you’ve already secured your console of choice: Congrats! If you’re still on the front lines trying to nab one for November, I wish you the best of luck. You’re likely going to need it.

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5 Responses to What. A. Mess.

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Honestly I’m not surprised that things went the way they did. This happens every single time a new, highly-anticipated piece of tech goes on sale/up for pre-order. This happened with the PS3/Xbox 360, it happened with PS4/Xbox One and I think the Switch too. Happens with PC components too.

    It shouldn’t happen, but it always will. I mean, the websites could at least add extra layers of verification to thwart the scalper bots, and vendor communication could definitely be better. I think that will only do so much. People want new stuff and it’ll always sell out fast regardless of how the manufacturers handle it (aside from pushing back release dates and stockpiling units, but I dunno if that’s actually realistic).

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