Ask Gamer Crash: Spring 2020 Edition

I know I said I wasn’t going to do these long feature style posts anymore, but here we are! Rules be damned! You’ve got burning questions and I have the cooling answers.

GC Ask Me

Let’s dive in with an easy one!

What are you playing these days?

Whew, this is a loaded question because the correct answer is too much. My backlog remains crazy long but I continued to be sucked into “live-service” style games like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Even though I’ve finished Borderlands 3, they’ve been putting out some awesome content including fantastic expansions as well as free events so there’s always something to do there as well.

My friends pushed me down the Terraria rabbit hole and I picked up the new XCOM game Chimera Squad. I haven’t finished DOOM: Eternal yet either so add that to the list as well.

borderlands 3 vault hunters

What are your thoughts on the PS5 and Xbox Series X reveals?

Interesting and divisive topic for sure. Before I answer, let me just remind you all that I’m not beholden to either side. In fact, I enjoy both companies and their products and I’m again keenly interested in picking up a PS5 and Series X at some point. I could care less about being a fanboy to either side or the “console war” drama.

To be honest, I’m kind of surprised that Microsoft is the one to have really put the pedal to the medal in terms of next gen plans. I was shocked to see them reveal the console at the Game Awards in December. Like, how did that not leak but everything else did? Kudos to Phil Spencer and the team because that was cool. They didn’t stop there though as they reveal the hardware specs in an easy to digest way in February. All of these reveals kind of left Sony fans scrambling and wondering when they’d finally get answers.

I don’t know why but Sony then decided to post their entire GDC deep dive on the PS5. Sure, it gave fans information, but the presentation itself was (IMO) incredibly dry and not exciting because it was aimed at industry personnel and developers. Considering this is really the first major moment that they were going to publicly talk about the PS5 and the crushing amount of anticipation behind it from fans, I feel that they really dropped the ball. I couldn’t sit through that whole presentation, it just wasn’t for me. It would have been fine if Sony has previously done something with the PS5, even a hype trailer like Microsoft had for the Series X.

The DualSense controller look interesting, but I’m still waiting on any meaningful PS5 news. At least show the console off, right? I do find it interesting to hear of all the rumored hardships the company is having with things like price when most things coming out from the Microsoft camp are very positive.

Are you going to do some sort of E3 Prediction feature this year?

It’s still kind of shocking to know that we’re not getting an E3 this year. For as much as it has evolved over the years, it was still incredibly fun to take part in the various press conferences, react to surprises and reveals, tune in to see the latest games, and just experience the overall joy that is video games.

I completely understand with why it isn’t happening, along with many other huge events like Gamescom, and I 100% agree with the decision. The safety of people is paramount and letting a group that size be in a room together just isn’t smart.

While most companies are no doubt going to still reveal new stuff, the timeline is no doubt messed up. I’d love to do prediction features, but I’m still working out the logistics of what that would look like. I’m pretty interested in covering Nintendo as their calendar looks pretty barren right now so I do have lots of ideas on how they could fill out the rest of their 2020 schedule.

Long story short, yes, expect at least a few prediction articles.

destiny 2 arcstrider

What’s Up with Destiny 2?

Full disclosure, I’m still very much playing Destiny 2 on a daily basis. I’ve been a huge fan of the franchise, warts and all, since the beta for the first game. Yes, it’s not perfect, but something about it continues to pull me back in.

That said, even I recognize that the game doesn’t feel like it’s sustainable in its current state. Things are getting pretty dire and Bungie is going to need to time try and pull it out of its tailspin. These are not simple fixes an update can bring. Granted, the game is like 3 years old at this point, which for most games, is a successful lifespan. However, without the backing of Activision, Bungie is basically on its own in terms of making money, so it’s not like they can simply pull the plug and focus all attention and effort on making Destiny 3 the best game it can be. They need Destiny 2 to be sustainable, though things may have tipped way too far in favor of Tess Everis and her microtransaction store.

I’ll get into this topic in another post, it’s way too big to cover here.


That’s going to do it for now because if I let this go any longer, it’s going to balloon out of control. Have any other burning questions? Let me know in the comments below. Perhaps we’ll do this again in the near future.

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3 Responses to Ask Gamer Crash: Spring 2020 Edition

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    What’s the first thing you’d fix about Destiny 2 in its current state?

    • There’s so many things wrong with itm I don’t know where to start haha. And yet, I still keep playing. Testament to how rock solid the combat feels. Bungie’s done a great job detailing all of the changes they’ll be making, but the FOMO, Bounty excess, and lack of reasons for playing old content needs to be addressed.

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