Hey, Hi, Hello? Where’d I Go?

*TAP TAP* Hey, is this thing on?

Before we dive into today’s topic I hope you’re all doing well and that you and yours are safe. This is a wild and unprecedented time we’re living in so I hope you’re all hanging in there. As we’ve been told, we’ll get through this together.

So, the question on most people’s minds is where I disappeared to. Let’s talk.

As 2020 rolled around, I was starting to feel just absolutely burnt out. With two jobs and a lot else going on in my life, the strain of keeping Gamer Crash updated consistently with content that I felt was quality while balancing the limited free time that I had was starting to bring me down. So I decided to give myself a 1 to 2 week break from the site in February considering I never really had done that since I started writing here.

This way, I’d be able to collect my thoughts, think about some things I’d like to write about and go from there. The weeks dragged on becoming a month, which then became almost four months.

When I first created Gamer Crash, I wanted it to stand out. To me, that meant being like the big guys with constant updates and long form articles. I posted seven days a week for quite a while, which slowed down over time but I never wavered with trying to produce feature level content as much as I could.

One thing I never took into consideration was that I’m just one guy and what I was doing just wasn’t sustainable. It took me like 10 years to realize this, but here we are. However, over these past three months, I did find myself thinking of the site and realizing I was missing it. Life just wouldn’t let me post the way I wanted to.

While I’m still incredibly busy, I’m tired of pushing off my return to Gamer Crash. To make this work, I’m making a number of changes in how I approach things here. I’m taking the blog aspect of this more serious, posting to talk about things that interest me, relaxing my ridiculously high standards, and letting go of things I’ve come to be known for.

Yes, this means my weekly Round Up features and monthly Now Arriving posts are getting the axe. As much as I enjoyed putting them together, they were super time intensive to make and I just don’t have that sort of time anymore. I hope you understand.

That said, I plan to post at least once a week and I’ve been writing behind the scenes to give the blog some content to get back off the ground with. I will be working on some longer features, but I’m not going to over due it with mega article after mega article. Some days, maybe I just want to have a quick discussion with you guys. We’ll see where this goes. I hope you’ll join me.

Ultimately, my goal is to fulfill the original aim of this website. To be a place to come crash at, hang out, and talk games. I want to discuss the goings on of the industry and general thoughts on video games with you and be less like the stuffy professional sites out there. If you want my official and professional thoughts on things, follow me here.

I’m back, let’s do this!

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2 Responses to Hey, Hi, Hello? Where’d I Go?

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Yes! Welcome back dude! Looking forward to reading your new stuff! What’ve you been playing these past few months?

    • Thanks man, glad to be back. Also, thanks for hanging with me all these long months haha. Check out today’s post for an answer to your question. Spoilers: Too much and just not enough time to get to everything.

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