The Last Of Us Part II Finally Gives Fans Answers

While most would likely agree that Sony’s State of Play stream yesterday was largely a disappointment *cough*no Batman reveal*cough*, the major bright spot came at the very end with The Last of Us Part II.

The reveal gave fans another look at the game courtesy of a very impressive and equally brutal trailer. It’s been a while since Sony of Naughty Dog has given us new information on the game, and this trailer should satiate fans for now.

New story revelations were revealed including what appears to be the motivation of Ellie. She’s apparently on a mission of revenge against a new group that brutally attacked and likely killed her love interest Dina, who fans saw at the E3 2018 press conference cinematic. Though some have hinted that it may not be as straightforward as the trailer makes it seem.

To many the big news came at the end of the trailer which showed a much older Joel seemingly helping Ellie when she runs into a bit of trouble. Have a look here if you haven’t seen it yet:

The trailer also finally revealed a release date for the highly anticipated title. Although it feels like it’s been in development for an eternity, the game is finally hitting PlayStation 4 on February 21, 2020.

First off, the visuals and character models look insanely good, though coming from Naughty Dog and their body of work, this shouldn’t be surprising. While the Clickers remain a big threat, to me, it looks like the focus is going to shift focus more on this evil group of survivors who I believe are called the Seraphites. While not much is known about this group, they’re a sort of cult that is apparently out to purge the world of sin. They were also primarily featured in the particularly violent Paris Games Week 2017 trailer.

I’ll be honest guys, I’m completely torn on this game. As I’ve stated in the past, I liked The Last of Us, but I can’t decide if I actually enjoyed my time playing it. That’s not a knock on the game or anything, because I think that’s the point. I can remember feeling tense and stressed through most of it whether it was exploring the ruined world, dark corridors where the sound-based clickers hid, or dealing with hostile survivors like David and his cannibals. I won’t lie, I had to take breaks from playing it because it was exhausting and emotionally draining.

The story was fantastic and again, the visuals were top notch, but the themes were definitely heavy and didn’t lend themselves to being what you would consider fun. That was the point though. This isn’t supposed to be Super Mario or a game to pick up and blow off some steam. The Last of Us Part II looks to amplify a lot of that, which is clearly seen in a lot of the promotional trailers and media. It’s violent, brutal, and promises to be something that’s going to stick with you. Again, these aren’t bad things and I can already tell that this game will be one of the final crown jewels in what has been a hugely successful lifespan for the PS4. Who am I kidding, my tune will probably change when we get closer to launch, but either way, this is a game all PS4 owners should be watching.

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5 Responses to The Last Of Us Part II Finally Gives Fans Answers

  1. R.J. LEE says:

    I don’t know, man. Something about the way Joel looks is a liiiiittle off putting. I will say, though, the story, they way they pitched it is NOT the final story.

    Joel’s just seemed to be about survival but, on release, it’s about protecting his daughter (in any capacity). Simple revenge, although not against Ellie’s character, is a bit…bland by comparison.

    They’re pulling the wool over our eyes and I can’t wait to see the REAL story behind it.

  2. Hatm0nster says:

    I liked the Last of Us, but not as a game. I think I enjoyed it the same way I enjoy a drama or a dramatic-documentary kind of program. As an experience, The Last of Us was incredible. As a game, I found it kinda clunky and annoying, and I’m not all that jazzed to play more. Or at least, I’m not interested in paying $60 to play what feels like a good movie. Will probably wait on this one.

    • Yeah, I hear what you’re saying. As a narrative, it was stellar, but it did have a few technical issues or a bit of clunkiness to it. It seems like the found a way around part of that by focusing on Ellie (she’s more athletic and can climb up objects for example), but yeah, it’s likely a wait and see more.

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