Borderlands 3: Review Reactions

Just like many of you, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of Borderlands. I managed to pick up my copy last night, though I haven’t been able to put much time into yet. I will say quickly that what I have experienced is a ton of fun. Those small, quality of life changes like sliding, mantling, and the improved gunplay feel excellent.

Today I wanted to take a quick moment to discuss the reviews that this game received. Even though I was all in on this game, I was curious to see what other outlets were saying about it. I started with IGN who’s review was just glowing. Like seriously, it was massively positive and really set my expectations for everything else.

borderlands 3 vault hunters

I was surprised and sometimes shocked to see some less than enthusiastic reviews on other outlets. A lot of things I read felt like the reviewer was disappointed that Borderlands 3 didn’t push the franchise forward or evolve it into something else.

I know it’s been seven years since BL2, but did our expectations really get that far out of control? I don’t know about you, but I really expected a better looking Borderlands. I’m more than happy with getting a prettier looking version. The quality of life updates, the new spaceship hub world, vault hunters, and the more outrageous weapons are enough for me.

But why is that? Personally, I feel like this “old school” way of thinking actually works better in this day and age. Most games are heading towards either the live service or massive open world model. While those are all well and good, I really think I needed a change of pace, a palette cleanser if you will. That’s what Borderlands 3 represents to me. A break from the current gaming trend.

Now that the franchise is back, we’ll see where Gearbox takes it going forward.

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3 Responses to Borderlands 3: Review Reactions

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Not everything needs to ride the “wave of the future.” It’s why remakes and remasters are so successful these days.

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