Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and My Thoughts on What’s Next

One topic that I’ve been dying to get to but haven’t due in large part to the media blitz of E3 2019, is Destiny 2. Prior to the big show, Bungie held a reveal stream of sorts for what it plans to do with Destiny 2 at the conclusion of the Annual Pass content as well as the future of the franchise now that Activision is completely out of the picture.

I had no idea what to expect going in. As a big fan of the franchise, even if I was currently on a semi-break from Destiny 2 at that point, I was curious to see where the company was going. Would it add another season of content to the annual pass? Would it announce a full fledged Destiny 3?

destiny 2 shadowkeep

Well, not only did we get answers, but the studio seemed unchained from previous PR practices and gave us an unprecedented amount of detailed information.

Let’s discuss:

Destiny 2: New Light. What’s that?

Okay, so the obvious first place to start is with Destiny: New Light. The long rumored Free-To-Play version is finally coming and in my opinion, Bungie is approaching it in a really interesting way. So New Light contains all year 1 content, but it’s not simply restricted there. Year 2 content and the upcoming Shadowkeep (more on that in a bit) can also be accessed, though it’ll be limited until purchased.

The initial mission for new players also sees a return to the Destiny 1 Cosmodrome in a special revised mission, which I think is really cool. So whether you’re BRAND NEW to the franchise, or someone who has yet to really dive into the sequel, you’ll be basically up to speed on the whole Guardian thing.

destiny 2 new light

What’s great about this is that it’ll let players join up with friends, regardless of what content has or has not been purchased. Perhaps veteran players got their friends to join up for the first time. You won’t be blocked from playing with each other through DLC or a paywall. Content will also be a-la-carte as well, which basically means you can buy the content what you want, instead of in a massive bundle, which should be less confusing.

By the way, cross-save is coming as well. Finally!

That’s cool, but what about veteran Destiny 2 players?

Fear not, Bungie has you covered as well! One of the biggest questions coming into the Season of Opulence and the end of the Annual Pass is what was next for Destiny 2. Another season? A development break for Destiny 3? Another expansion?

Bungie’s answer: a new expansion called Shadowkeep coming in September.

After missing for the entire lifespan of Destiny 2, Eris Morn has finally appeared and unfortunately for Civilization, she seemingly awoke something back on the Moon. However, THIS Moon is twice as big as Destiny 1’s version and based on the trailer, it would appear that former boss characters are also coming back like Crota, Skolas, and more.

  • Let’s see what else, what else. The dev video showed off what looks like a transmog system where you basically set perks from all that you’ve unlocked once you set the look of the gear.
  • There are actually melee finisher moves now, which look phenomenal.
  • There’s a new raid set inside of the Black Garden last seen in the first Destiny.
  • New weapons and gear to collect like a trace rifle that creates crit spots for your team. Sounds like it goes hand in hand with the new support hand gun in the Lumina quest that launched this week.

I’ve heard that this expansion will be similar to Rise of Iron, so it’s not likely going to be as expansive as Forsaken, but hey, it’s much more content than the Annual Pass so I’m cool with that.

What about the future?

The shocking part of this presentation is that Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy went even further than New Light and Shadowkeep. While they didn’t reveal any actual details for what’s after Shadowkeep, the duo revealed where Bungie would like to eventually get the franchise to and I think it’s a place every fan has been begging for since the first game.

Basically, the terms RPG (role playing game) and MMO (massively multiplayer online) were mentioned a TON of times today, likely indicating that at some point in the far future, Destiny will embrace the MMORPG style many have been begging for. It’s safe to say that Bungie is likely going to be embracing more of the stats and character building aspects that MMOs typically have.

destiny 2 opulence

On the topic of Destiny 3, it is real though fans shouldn’t expect it anytime soon. My guess is 2021 as I believe Bungie has plenty more in store to continue evolving Destiny 2 for the time being.

Prior to this reveal, I had kind of put Destiny 2 on the back burner. I put so many hours into the game that I don’t know if it was burnout or me just wanted to move on to something different, but the annual pass just wasn’t appealing. Hear Bungie’s plans for the future and where they eventually want the franchise to end up sounded extremely appealing.

In fact, it kind of reinvigorated me to jump back in. Better yet, the annual pass was significantly discounted, not sure if it was for E3 or whatever, but I picked up the content for like 14 bucks. I’ve been playing since and I’m hooked once again. Catching up on all three season’s worth of content has kept me busy, but I’ve been enjoying every minute.

As you could probably guess, I’m more than ready for Shadowkeep and I’m excited to see where Bungie takes the franchise beyond.

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3 Responses to Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and My Thoughts on What’s Next

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    This all sounds pretty cool to me, but I’m still wondering what they’re going to do about the PvP. Chasing a weapon is nice and all, but it doesn’t have the same weight as conquering something like classic Trials of Osiris.

    (Also, gonna need a lore reason for why Crota and Skolas are back. Skolas I could see being a Hive undead, but didn’t we utterly destroy Crota in D1? I mean, we killed it in it’s own throne world. There shouldn’t be any coming back from that.)

    • Yeah, I’m hoping there’s a bit more in terms of content they haven’t talked about. Crucible needs a refresh, new maps, and more.

      I’m very curious to see where the story goes as well. My guess is that these are projections or maybe the darkness using our memories or fears to create a formidable enemy. SOmething along those lines. Something was unleashed, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do with that. I don’t think it’s the resurrected forms of those enemies…kind of like shadows of what has been…something like that perhaps?

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