Gamer Crash Predicts E3 2019: Third Party Games

Welcome to my E3 2019 predictions! Today we’re looking at the Third Party games you just might be seeing. In case you missed it, check my predictions on Nintendo and Xbox.

And now we move on to the most lengthy and difficult topic to predict of E3: the Third Party Games. If the recent rumors are true, fans should expect plenty of very cool and exciting announcements this year, even if Sony won’t be on hand to deliver some of them as usual. With the Next Gen consoles on the horizon, 2019 could be a very important year to capitalize on the market.


Obviously, we have games that we 100% know will be there. I’m listing them out but I won’t be spending too much additional time discussing them because, where’s the fun in that? Let’s get to the rumors, leaks, and speculation!

This year, I’ve broken this feature up a little more than usual. I’m still tackling the big companies like Bethesda, Ubisoft, and EA, but I’ve also made room for things like things I want to see and discussion a few of the heavily rumored ones as well.

With that said, let’s dive in to the third party games of E3 2019.

The Confirmed
Of course, there are games that we will absolutely be seeing at E3 in various capacities. So, I won’t spend too much time on these guys:

  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Borderlands 3
  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Dying Light 2
  • Nioh 2

borderlands 3 vault hunters

The Rumored
From Software – Is it Bloodborne 2? Is it more Dark Souls? Is it the recently rumored game that meshes the Soul series with a Viking theme? I’m intrigued!

Square Enix Avengers Project – First revealed back in January 2017, you have to think something would be ready for the limelight right? I have no idea what to expect from this one, but I’m very curious.

Darksiders Genesis – Before THQ went under and dragged many of their studios with them, Vigil Games was reportedly hard at work on a 4 person co-op Darksiders game, giving fans access to all four horsemen. Could Genesis be that title? I mean, it doesn’t follow the typical naming conventions of past games in the franchise. Then again it could just be a more creative name for the standalone Strife game we’ve been promised as well.

Destroy All Humans – The surprise rumor, or leak depending on who you ask, is that THQ Nordic is bringing back this long dormant franchise. I’ve never played the series so I don’t have too much to say, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see a reveal or actual gameplay.

Rocksteady’s Next Game OR WB Montreal Steals the Show– I honestly am shocked that it’s taken Rocksteady this long to discuss or reveal anything regarding what they’ve been working on. While I feel like we’re long overdue, this could also be a situation where WB Montreal steps in to reveal what they’ve quietly been working on instead. Again, we know basically nothing but I have seen rumors that this could be a new Batman title.

Dino Crisis – One thing I’ve been hearing a lot of lately seems to be from Capcom’s classic franchise Dino Crisis. This isn’t a series I’m familiar with, but when you consider the success the company has had lately reviving older games, bringing this fan favorite game back with a new engine makes a lot of sense.

Resident Evil – While we’re on the subject of Capcom, I’m now expecting to see a new Resident Evil tease…either for another remake or perhaps the next entry in this long running franchise.


Okay, now lets get to some company specific predictions, yeah?

beyond good and evil 2 jade


  • The easy money for Ubisoft this year is The Division 2 and the question of “What’s Next.” With the Raid just having launched, many players are wondering that very question and I’d be shocked to not hear about the next big piece of content. I’m particularly curious to hear if the Survival Mode set in New York is actually a thing.
  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint (see the “Confirmed” section above).
  • Watch_Dogs 2 was excellent. It took the promise and things that worked well in the first game, and solved a lot of the issues that held the series back. A wonderful world to explore, well made characters, and really fun gameplay. It’s been a while so I’m fully expecting to see the next iteration of this underrated series. If we believe the internet whisperings, Watch_Dogs 3 is likely taking us to London and could be releasing as early as this year. Wouldn’t that be something.
  • While we’re not getting a new Assassin’s Creed this year, that probably won’t stop Ubisoft from mentioning the next one. The one that seems to have been heavily hinted at in The Division 2. Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok could be that 2020 title, letting players explore the Viking Age.
  • Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been featured for the past few years now and I’d imagine this year will be no different. Hopefully this year gives a bit more substance in terms of in-game gameplay. I’d also love to see a release date or window.
  • I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a new collaboration with Nintendo as it seems like something new is announced each year.
  • Just Dance is likely going to be there as well. That’s another safe bet.


  • As you’ll see in just a moment, if you had asked me which company has had the roughest game launch at the end of 2018/early 2019 I would have said Bethesda. However, EA has very clearly taken that title away from them with Anthem. For all of the guff Fallout 76 received (right or wrong), you can’t deny that the studio has been working hard to continue improving it. So at E3 this year, I’d expect some big announcement of what’s next for the game and upcoming DLC.
  • Doom Eternal seems like the next big project that’s close to release so I’d expect more information, a release date confirmation, and perhaps a look at a new mode or the map maker feature.
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood should also be a staple and will likely follow closely to the Doom Eternal plan.
  • Anyone know what Arkane is up to? Feels like we’re overdue for a new game reveal. Based on how Dishonored 2 and the standalone DLC release wrapped up, I’m not sure where they could go from here. So either the next game is set in a completely different era/character or Arkane is working on something else completely.
  • Okay, so my last Bethesda prediction out of the standard “Elder Scrolls Online” update, is  new details on Starfield. Who knows, maybe some gameplay as well? I went with Starfield over Elder Scroll VI because I’m fairly certain Starfield is planned for release first so it’s likely further along in development at this point. Who knows though considering that Bethesda is clearly not afraid to announce or show off things way in advance.


  • Yikes, what a 2019 it has been for EA. Anthem has been a non-stop source of controversy. Much to the dismay of fans, EA and BioWare have essentially gone radio silent over the past month, leaving many fans feeling abandoned and wondering if the game is indeed dead. Developers continue to insist that work is being done behind the scenes, so it’s a safe bet to assume the fruits of that labor will be revealed at E3 2019. What this means is anyone’s guess considering the rough state Anthem is still in. I’d love to see this game reach its potential, but is it too late to salvage things? Is this a case of too little, too late?
  • In addition to Anthem, I think it’s already been confirmed that season 2 of Apex Legends is going to get revealed alongside the already mentioned Fallen Jedi game. Expect plenty of gameplay.
  • The other surprise appearance at E3 for EA would be Dragon Age 4. If you would have asked me a few months ago, I would have probably said this was a given. After seeing Anthem fall flat on its face combined with fan backlash and new revelations regarding the toxic environment/development troubles at BioWare, I feel like EA may be a bit gun-shy about revealing too much, too soon.
  • In less exciting news (to me anyway) you can definitely expect a segment on Madden and FIFA.
  • Maybe Need for Speed, as well?

Splinter Cell keyart

My Wishlist

  • I don’t expect it, but I’d love to get a taste of the other game Respawn is working on. You know, the one that they delayed a bit to focus on the (then) mad rush of Apex Legends? I feel like it’s something, something Titanfall related, but I can’t confirm or deny that either way. Still, considering they already have two games there and the delay, I can’t see anything related to a third game being shown off this soon.
  • I hinted at this in my Xbox prediction post, but I think it’s time for Sam Fisher to come out of semi-retirement. Sure, he joined the Ghosts in a small update to Ghost Recon Wildlands but we last saw him in his own game all the way back in 2013. Picture this, as Ubisoft “finishes” their conference, everyone on stage and all of that, the lights go out and everything is black. Suddenly you hear the familiar ping of night vision goggles turn on and the familiar green lights from his tri-goggles piece out through the black screen with the words “Splinter Cell (insert sub-name here).” Chills man, chills.
  • Since I discussed THQ Nordic above, it got me thinking a bit more about the catalog they have access to. Hey, Volition! What’s going on? I know Agents of Mayhem didn’t land like you thought, but that’s okay. Live and learn. Will we ever see a new Saints Row? Red Faction should also be a consideration, especially with the “Re-Mars-Tered” edition of Red Faction Guerrilla getting launched last year.
  • Massive long shot here but is Prince of Persia ever going to get revived?
  • Also, I’m still waiting on 2K to give me a new BioShock style game. Could it be this year?

Those are my picks, but what are yours? Let me know what you’re hoping to see from third party studios and games in the comments below. 

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