Now Arriving: March 2019

Welcome to March, everyone! After a month that had plenty of big name games, the train isn’t stopping in March. As we’ve seen over the past couple of years, March has traditionally been a very good time to release new games and 2019 is no different. Here are some of the titles coming at you this month and make sure to hit the jump to see the complete list below.

For many, the biggest name this month comes from Ubisoft. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 looks to sprint out of the launch gate strong this time around as not only are fans getting a brand new location (Washington DC) and a continuation of the story from the first game, but many of the mistakes and grievances from its predecessor looks to have been fixed or improved. You just gotta love when a developer learns from their past to make a better game.

Not a fan of the crowded looter-shooter market? Capcom has you covered with the return of their action series, Devil May Cry 5. Not only does the game look absolutely stunning, but players will have three characters to control throughout the course of the game: series mainstay Dante, returning hunter Nero, and the mysterious newcomer V.

Of course, this isn’t everything that March 2019 is bringing to the table. There are plenty more upcoming titles this month to check out like Yoshi’s Crafted World, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and much more. Continue reading for a look at the full March release schedule.  Enjoy!

Microsoft Exclusives
Sony Exclusives
Zanki Zero: Last Beginning (PS4) March 19
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (PS4) March 19
SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (PS4) March 19
MLB The Show 19 (PS4) March 26
Danganronpa Trilogy (PS4) March 26
Nintendo Exclusives
My Little Riding Champion (Switch) March 5
Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn (3DS) March 8
The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game (Switch) March 26
FUN! FUN! Animal Park (Switch) March 26
Yoshi’s Crafted World (Switch) March 26
PC Exclusives
Multiplatform Releases
The Occupation March 5 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
RBI Baseball 19 March 5 – Xbox One, PS4
Left Alive March 5 – PS4, PC
Devil May Cry 5 March 8 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Fate/Extella LINK March 12 – PS4, Switch
RICO March 14 – Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch
The LEGO Marvel Collection March 15 – Xbox One, PS4
Caligula Effect: Overdose March 12 – PS4, PC, Switch
Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 March 15 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
One Piece: World Seeker March 15 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
American Ninja Warrior March 19 – Xbox One, PS4, Switch
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice March 22 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World March 26 – PS4, Switch, PC, Vita
The Princess Guide March 26 – PS4, Switch
Xenon Racer March 26 – Xbox One, PS4, Switch
Outward March 26 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
The Walking Dead – A Telltale Series – The Final Season March 26 – Xbox One, PS4, Switch
Assassin’s Creed III Remastered March 29 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
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3 Responses to Now Arriving: March 2019

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Oh man, this is a REALLY packed month. I’m seeing…at least 5 games I’d like to get on this list. Alas, will probably have to limit myself to 1 (maybe two…)

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