Now Arriving: Games of December 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, the rollercoaster ride of releases for 2018 is quickly coming to an end. October and November were stuffed with games and while December traditionally doesn’t follow suit, there are some major names launching this month. Let’s have a look at what’s launching in December 2018.

In my eyes, Nintendo leads the way this month as they’re getting ready to launch one of their most content rich games I can remember: Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Not a port, not a remaster, Ultimate brings nearly everything back from the past games while adding plenty of new content on top of it like characters, stages, a new campaign, and so much more. This game is pretty much a must buy for any Switch owner.

Not a Switch fan or owner, well, alright there’s still some good stuff to look forward to as well. If you’re in the mood to cause a little lot of destruction, Just Cause 4 should be on your radar. You know the drill by now, Rico Rodriguez, open world, everything explodes. At the very least, the game is a great stress reliever.

It may not be a tightly packed month of releases, but there’s still plenty to check out. As always, you can see the full December release schedule below the break. Enjoy!

Microsoft Exclusives
Sony Exclusives
Persona: Endless Night Collection (PS4) Dec 4
Just Deal With It (PS4) Dec 4
Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight (PS4) Dec 4
Wordhunters (PS4) Dec 4
Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Dec 4
Gungrave: LOaded Coffin Edition (PSVR) Dec 11
Nintendo Exclusives
Toki Retrollector Edition Dec 4
Atari Flashback Classics Dec 7
Katamari Damacy REROLL Dec 7
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dec 7
Sega Genesis Classics Dec 7
Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome Edition Dec 11
RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures Dec 13
PC Exclusives
Multiplatform Releases
Just Cause 4 Dec 3 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Override Mech City Brawl Dec 4 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Dec 4 – Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch
Subnautica Dec 4 – Xbox One, PS4
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (Physical Edition) Dec 4 – Xbox One, PS4
Jagged Alliance Rage Dec 6 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek Dec 7 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
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3 Responses to Now Arriving: Games of December 2018

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    SUPER! SMASH BROTHEERRRRRS!!!!! Also, Persona dancin’ games look fun and I’m feeling really tempted by Just Cause 4.

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