Nintendo Continues to Surprise with the Last Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct

I already wrote a hype article for Super Smash Bros Ultimate after the last direct revealed new characters like the Belmonts and King K. Rool, but after this last video, I can’t help myself.

I’m stunned, absolutely floored, at how much content Nintendo, Sakurai, and Namco Bandai have managed to fit in this package. It’s the most robust package I think I’ve ever seen. In this day and age, where most games seem to be carved up into paid content, what Nintendo is doing here is virtually unheard of.

super smash bros ultimate incineroar

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at what the last Direct revealed, shall we?

The biggest news was the reveal of the last two characters to the day one roster: Ken and Incineroar. Both characters look really cool, but I won’t lie, I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get some of the heavily rumored characters like Geno and Skull Kid for example. Shockingly, these two push the final roster to 74 characters, which is just insane.

I don’t know much about Incineroar but I found it hilarious that Nintendo referenced the Red Cyclone while showing off his moveset. I don’t know if there are plans for DLC echo fighters, but I’d have to imagine that Zangief would be a perfect echo of Incineroar. They have a lot of similar moves outside of the fact that one is a beefy looking fire cat.

While you can’t be made at a roster that has 74 characters, Nintendo also revealed that more orignal fighters are on the way as DLC. Five in fact. Each one will be sold separately and comes with a stage and additional tracks of music, which is awesome. If you want to save 5 bucks, you can pick up the Fighter’s Pass which gives access to all of them as they’re released. Fans looking for a weird character will have to check out Piranha Plant when it’s offered for free for a limited time a month or two after launch.

While Sakurai didn’t offer any hints as to who is coming, I have to imagine that at least a few of the heavily rumored characters will be included. Perhaps Waluigi, Skull Kid, and Geno will be joining after all. Keep hope alive.

Spirits Mode was also covered and I won’t lie, there was a ton of information about it, a lot of which kinda went over my head. Basically, spirits act as a sort of modifier or passive assist inside of this mode. What’s cool is that the spirits are actual characters from all sorts of games, both from Nintendo and other third-party developers. There are three types of spirits, and each one is advantageous to the other similar to a classic Fire Emblem weapon triangle: Attack, Shield, and Grab.

New spirits can be unlocked by completing challenges with unique rules or modifiers or using cores to summon new ones. Players can also upgrade each spirit using the Dojo (with Doc Louis from Punch Out!) or Training missions, all of which can be done even with the game idle or off completely.

The video also covered online and multiplayer, assist trophies, also went into extreme detail int he game settings and customization options, which again, is plentiful.

Last but not least, the new story mode was also revealed with a nifty looking CG trailer. Known as World of Light, it explains how everyone basically got turned into spirits. The main culprits here are the Master Hands pulling a Thanos on the Nintendo universe save for Kirby who managed to escape on his Warp Star.

All in all, I cannot wait for this game. I was already a SMash fan anyway, but Nintendo has taken this new game to the next level. When it was first announced, most people were confused as to if this was an enhanced port or not. I think Nintendo has clearly settled the debate on this one with the last Direct before launch. Ultimate wasn’t just added to the title for show.

December can’t come soon enough.

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3 Responses to Nintendo Continues to Surprise with the Last Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct

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  3. Hatm0nster says:

    I can say with 100% certainty that I didn’t expect to see any of this. Also, Piranha Plant? Really?!

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