Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Most Underrated Feature: Social Media

As I’ve indicated in the past, Marvel’s Spider-Man is a game I absolutely love and can’t get enough of. Sure, I haven’t played it nearly as much as I’d like to (Thanks Destiny…) but the times I do get to swing around a virtual New York City are always enjoyable. In fact, I’d say it’s easily one of my favorite games of 2018 for sure.

While I previously discussed the gameplay and story, there’s a smaller element to the experience which I discovered and am just floored with how impressive it is. When going into the menu system to look at skills, spider suits, and other stuff, you have an option to open up Spider-Man’s social media feed, a quasi-Twitter like experience. While it’s totally missable and isn’t important to the game in any way, it’s something I highly recommend checking out every so often.

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I’m not sure how it works from a design perspective, but the feed updates fairly often similar to a Twitter timeline. You’ll see posts of people reacting to things you do in the game, from the small things like swinging past a building, taking part in a side activity, or commenting on a big story moment. That’s great, but what really impressed me is the random chatter that fills in the gaps. It’s constantly updating with people commenting on things, or responding to each other like you’d actually see online.

The team did a phenomenal job capturing the essence of Twitter in all its glory including parody or fake accounts of real people, like this user who is not Norman Osborne, the current mayor of the city:

Or what about this user who’s asking other people at his school to ‘DM’ him the answers to some science homework. And then check out the response to it.

Also, check the person who criticizes me for missing a balloon. Wait, was that really a thing I could do or is that a very sneak call back to some of the older Spider-Man games. Interesting Insomniac, very interesting…

One thing Twitter and social media could use more of is civil debates, like these two:

Lastly, sometimes a post can form from a moment of inspiration, or perhaps from a creepy crawly spider like Jenny found:

It feels real and alive. That’s the most impressive aspect to this small little feature. What’s cool is that periodically you see a post from a comic book character or someone within the Spider-Man universe that may not necessarily be in the game. I saw a Tweet from J. Jonah Jameson’s son and a few others which I didn’t actually capture, unfortunately.

The amount of time Insomniac spent on this had to be massive and I really appreciate it. It’s a really cool little aspect that goes a long way to making the game feel more immersive. Seriously, if you’re playing through the game, take a moment to check it out.

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