The Return of Gamer Crash TV

The winds of change are blowing once more!

Earlier this year, I discussed what was going on with my YouTube channel and why I’ve been away for so long. You can go here to read the whole thing, but the short answer is that it was a couple of things which basically kept me away. A combination of a lack of time and the YouTube adpocalypse were the driving forces.

Recently, I’ve been working with a buddy of mine on his channel and in doing so, it basically got me fired up to create again. So, I have been.

That’s right, I’ve basically resurrected my dormant YouTube channel over these past few weeks and I’ve been having a ton of fun being able to create again. I’m trying a number of new things this time around including Let’s Plays, more guides, pure gameplay, face time videos, etc. I know some of you asked me what’s going on with it over the past year so I hope this pleases you guys and that you go show it some support.

I’m currently in the middle of a Moonlighter Let’s Play, I’ve recently uploaded a photo mode inspired video on God of War, and guides for earning those new Shields in The Division. It doesn’t stop there, however, as I’ve got plenty more coming. Far Cry 5 blooper reel anyone?

In a small programming update, the Round Up is taking a slight break. With E3 now over and the trailers slowing to a crawl, I figured it’s a good time to take a small break until the stream of videos pick back up in a month or two. Plus, it’s basically July, the dead zone for video game releases.

Fear not though, I’ll still have new content coming your way in the meantime. Thanks for reading everyone!

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