Gamer Crash Discussion: Finishing Games Versus Just Having Fun

I have a work trip coming up in the next few months and with a Nintendo Switch on hand, I’m excited to finally get to experience part of what makes the console so interesting: it’s portability. I’ve started to think about some of the things I’ll need and, naturally, I’ll likely pick up a few games to help pass the time on the flight. Ideally, some of those are likely to be smaller indie games like Super Meat Boy.

Obviously, that’s a game that’s been out for quite a while, ported to nearly every platform there is, so most people are well aware of how difficult it can be. I’d argue fair but difficult. Remembering that fact triggered another thought in my head, one that I’ve been thinking about over and over, especially in this modern society.

So I want to know: When deciding whether or not to buy a game, how important is finishing a game compared to just having fun?

Are you still willing to shell out full price on a game, even knowing that you’ll likely never see the end credits? Is it more about the journey than end destination?

It fully pains me to admit this but as a fully functioning adult, I just don’t have as much time as I used to. This certainly trickles down into my free time as I’m just not able to sit and play things for as long as I’d sometimes like. Not to mention that there are just so many things vying for our attention these days. Video games alone are competing by offering limited time events, ritualist activities such as daily challenges, and so many other things.

Super Meat Boy certainly doesn’t fit that description. Instead of offering rewards for simply showing it, it demands skill, typically gained from spending more and more time with a game. I’ve played it before so I certainly know what I’m getting into, but if I’m being honest, it’s very likely that I wouldn’t reach the end credits. Maybe I’m shortchanging myself, or counting chickens before they hatch, but having limited time and knowing the difficulty curve, it’s unlikely that I reach the end.

Is that something I’m okay with? Certainly, the lower price helps, but the whole fun versus completion is the question I continue to debate with myself. On one hand, there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had even if I don’t reach the end but then again, aren’t games made to be beaten?

I’m curious to hear what you think of this topic, dear reader, so let me know in the comments below.

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3 Responses to Gamer Crash Discussion: Finishing Games Versus Just Having Fun

  1. CAMfidence says:

    That is a really interesting question. I’m like you though, I’m married, a college student, and I have a full time job and simply don’t have the time I used to have so I purchase games with the full understanding that I may never complete them but it never bothers me. I really liked your point about games competing with limited timed events, daily challenges, etc. The real question should be are those hurting the gaming community as a whole?

    • Yeah, sometimes I wonder about those timed/daily challenges. Occasionally I feel like I play out of need or knowing that they’re not around forever, rather than simply wanting to have fun.

      It’s another interesting discussion point for sure.

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