Gamer Crash Predicts E3 2018: Third Party Games

Miss any of the previous E3 2018 predictions? Catch up with Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo.

After covering the big boys of E3, it’s time to take a look at the group that makes the industry go ’round: the third party studios.


Even with consoles still selling extremely well, E3 2018 still has plenty of compelling storylines to latch on to such as:

Will Ubisoft bring back Sam Fisher and will his familiar night vision goggle sound effect appear in their “One More Thing” moment?

Can EA fully restore the fanbase faith after a remarkably tough 2017 thanks in large part to Battlefront 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and the closure of Visceral?

Is Activision going to bother with anything else besides Call of Duty or Destiny?

Will Rockstar finally bring Red Dead Redemption 2 to E3 and is BioShock ever going to make a true comeback?

So many questions, hopefully, we won’t have to wait long for answers. Let’s get into the good stuff with some predictions!

Splinter Cell – I firmly believe that the Sam Fisher event (while friggin’ awesome) for Ghost Recon Wildlands wasn’t a coincidence. This was a move to reintroduce the character to the masses, considering that he hasn’t been seen since his last game back in 2013, Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Splinter Cell keyart

Adding to that evidence is the fact that Splinter Cell is really the last of the major Tom Clancy franchises to not have a new game in the last few years (Sorry EndWar and H.A.W.X.). Rainbow Six Siege continues to flourish, Ghost Recon Wildlands just kicked off its second year of content, and finally, The Division broke records and is getting a new game.

Skull & Bones – Remember this one? Announced last year, then never heard from again, Skull & Bones takes that popular ship combat from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, and makes a whole standalone game out of it.

The Division 2 – Not getting into this one as we know 100% it’l be there. I have talked about things I’d like to see though. Ideally, I’d love a surprise announcement that this game is coming Late 2018. Very cool, but perhaps too aggressive.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 – This game has flown so far under the radar since last year I’m sure many of you likely forgot it even existed! Ubisoft has recently begun talking more about this gorgeous looking open world spiritual successor, so I’m thinking it’ll be revealed again at the show this year. However, I don’t think it’s nearing release and probably sports a late 2019 launch window.

Anything Else? I’m also torn on a Watch_Dogs 3 announcement. WD2 was a fantastic reboot of the franchise, similar to what Assassin’s Creed 2 did. I’m definitely eager to see where the franchise can go from here, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see a Watch_Dogs 3 announced at some point. I wonder if it’ll be at E3 2018 though…

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Rockstar is a company that moves to the beat of their own drums so this isn’t a 100% certainty. With the game set for release in October and with only three small trailers out there, you’d think RDR2 would be a major force at E3 this year. While everyone and their mother is excited for this game, there’s still like 90% we don’t know about it. It’s time to pull the curtain back Rockstar.

Borderlands 3 – After Battleborn crashed and burned (an unfortunate occurrence as the game was pretty fun), Gearbox almost immediately confirmed that it was moving to Borderlands 3. I think enough time has passed that the Texas-based developer should be ready to at least show us what it’s been working on these past couple of years.

The Return of BioShock
This is more of me hoping more than anything else. It’s been too long since we’ve seen the “Shock” series and I think it’s time to return to it. Whether that means a new System Shock or BioShock, I’m not sure. I love this franchise and I’d hate to see it cast aside.

One thing that has been bugging me, however, is that Ken Levine’s studio, Ghost Story Games (The former Irrational Games) has been massively quiet after re-introducing themselves to the world back in 2017. I believe it’s time we learn what they’re working on.

Warner Bros Interactive
Rocksteady – I’d be shocked, SHOCKED, if Rocksteady Studios wasn’t on hand to reveal what it has been secretly working on for the past couple of years. Batman: Arkham Knight launched all the way back in 2015, so the studio is long overdue for something. Rumors surrounding Superman have recently begun to pop up. I’d be nice to get a great Superman game for once, but with his god-like powers, creating a balanced (while also being fun) game has always proven to be difficult. I do think Rocksteady is deep into some superhero game, and I’d love to see what they could do with the Justice League, another rumor we originally heard a few years ago.

Mortal Kombat 11 – NetherRealm Studios keeps a pretty tidy schedule in terms of when they announce and release their games. Injustice 2 finished it’s run of DLC and released it’s “Game of the Year” edition earlier this year, so that typically means the next game is due for an announcement. Everyone’s best guess is Mortal Kombat 11, which just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as MKX did. Sticking to the schedule, their next game will likely be out in the Spring of 2019.

Sports – I think by now it’s fairly obvious that EA will talk about FIFA and Madden to some length.

Battlefield 2018 – We do know one is coming, and I’m hearing all sort of things on what it could be. While I’ve heard that they could stay in the past like they did with Battlefield 1, a recent rumor indicates that this announcement will be for Bad Company 3. If that’s true, I’m hyped because I loved both Bad Company games. If true, I hope EA has managed to figure out what people loved about the past games and isn’t a game that just carries the title to pacify fans.

Anthem Gameplay – Another fairly obvious one. It was announced and shown off last year, and even though it got delayed, I’m expecting EA to continue to make a big deal over it. And frankly, they should because it has unbelievable potential.

Indie Announcements – EA has been making a point about this over the past few years. Last year we saw Fe and A Way Out, so I’d imagine EA has more games ready for reveal.

Respawn’s Next – I’m a little doubtful on this one, but I’m hoping Respawn is ready to show off either the next Titanfall game or the Star Wars project that former God of War director, Stig Asmussen has been cranking away on. I can’t imagine either product would be ready for release this fall, and even if ti was, my best guess would be that EA would opt to wait for the spring. We all know what happened to the criminally overlooked Titanfall 2, releasing in between FPS juggernaut’s Call of Duty and Battlefield 1.

With another Battlefield game launching this year as well as Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption 2, and other massive IPs, holding off until the spring may be the best decision.

Burnout – Another one I’m doubtful on, though I’m hoping the recently released Burnout Paradise Remastered was a sign of things to come.

bethesda e3 showcase

Starfield – I know a lot of people are expecting some sort of Elder Scrolls VI announcement, but I’m thinking that won’t be the case this year. Instead, Bethesda is going to show off a new Sci-Fi RPG IP called Starfield. We literally know nothing about this game outside of the fact that I’m hearing it’s like Fallout/Elder Scrolls in a sci-fi environment. If that’s true, I can’t see them announcing this and then another Elder Scrolls game at the same conference.

Elder Scrolls Online – If you want your Elder Scrolls fix this year, it’ll have to be with ESO. With their latest expansion releasing June 5, I’m guessing they’ll show off some trailer or make an announcement about it since it’ll still be pretty fresh at that point. It’s possible they also reveal new upcoming DLC for it.

Arkane’s Next – With Prey and Dishonored having essentially been wrapped up, I’d imagine that a new game announcement is on the horizon, especially from the Dishonored group’s side of things. My guess is that whatever they have up their sleeves next is something new and won’t be another entry in either franchise they’ve worked on. In an ideal world, we’d get to see a revival of The Crossing, an interesting shooter that weaved single and multiplayer elements together. The game was ultimately shelved back in 2009 due to financial issues.

DOOM Us Again – I can’t help it, I feel like id Software has used the success of DOOM to propel themselves into the next entry. Likely another 2019 release, my guess is that we’ll see a reveal trailer and maybe some first gameplay. Either way, put Mick Gordon back in charge of the soundtrack.

Well, those are my third part picks for E3 2018. What are you hoping to see at the show from any of these guys or other devs not listed here? Sound off in the comments below. 

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