The Insanity of Far Cry 5 Summed Up In One Quest

I initially had cold feet with Far Cry 5. My main worry that it would continue similar gameplay loops from its predecessors. Far Cry 3 was a fantastic game, introducing us to a wacked out and completely charismatic villain in Vaas, along with a big open world to liberate and explore. Far Cry 4 came along and while that was a really well-made game, it followed the formula that Far Cry 3 set perhaps a little too closely.

My first worry was that Far Cry 5 would continue this trend, swapping out the location but keeping the crazy villain while presenting players with the same style of gameplay like asking players to climb towers and liberate outposts.

Either taking some time off from the franchise helped, or Far Cry 5 really does enough to mix things up. Either way, I’m having a blast exploring Hope County.

far cry 5 banner

Part of the fun of the Far Cry series is how far it’s willing to go in terms of not giving a crap. Far Cry 5 seemingly ups the ante in the crazy department as I’ve taken part in quests involving aliens, harvesting bull testicles for the Testy Festival, become a daredevil stuntman, and dealing with situations while being under the influence of a hallucinogen known as Bliss.

Far Cry 5 always keeps you guessing, which is great when you need a break from liberating outposts and weakening one of the three regions of Hope County from The Father and his cultists. Each region features a different “sub boss” (John, Jacob, and Faith) who all specialize in a different style of warfare, which keeps things feeling fresh. For example, Faith uses Bliss to mess with people’s minds, while someone like John uses his charisma and fancy words (plus a roving hit squad) to keep people in line.

While I still have a long way to go in terms of driving out Eden’s Gate for good, I played through a side mission the other day that was just so over the top outrageous, I just had to share it with all of you. Frankly, this mission sums up Far Cry 5 pretty well. Anything can happen, and anything will likely happen.

What I love about this mission is that even though it’s relatively short and features no combat, it just throws all sorts of things at the player. It’s basically a driving mission where you need to get Nick Rye’s wife to a nearby clinic as she’s going into labor. Of course, goofball Nick is cracking jokes and even though he’s telling you where to go, all sorts of chaos is happening around you. Livestock is running wild, a plane literally crashes in the road, a tanker truck catches fire…even Kim, who’s dealing with childbirth at the moment, makes a comment asking who’s putting all this stuff on the road. It’s chaos, it’s outrageous, and it’s damn fun.

Here’s the complete walkthrough of the mission (Thanks to PowerPyx) and don’t worry about spoilers because it’s just a side mission and has zero story elements in it. Enjoy!


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