Fake Video Game News Alert: April Fools 2018

Love it or hate it, April Fools Day is an event that is both loved and feared by players. On one hand, you tend to get some hilariously outrageous announcements, but on the other hand, some of these reveals are so good that you wish they were actually true.

What surprised me most about the 2018 edition is the general lack of participation from some of the big name companies that typically throw their hat into the ring. Perhaps it was because the day fell on a Sunday this year, or maybe that April 1 was also a family oriented holiday (Easter Sunday) as the big reasons why a lot of companies didn’t jump in on the fun. Still, we did get a few cool announcements.

pokemon go demake

So, as I typically do each and every year, here is a list of some of the best announcements and pranks from the industry. I am curious though, what was your favorite reveal this year?

Blizzard: Micro-Holidays
Blizzard usually goes in big for April Fools, but they were a little more subdued than usual. Still, they delivered a gem with World of Warcraft Micro-Holidays. New mini events in-game to (as Blizzard puts it): celebrate a thing, earn a thing, win a thing, or accept a task to run around gathering things with the reward of getting other, different things!

There’s a ton of oddball and wacky events but some of my favorites are “We’re All Elves Now”, “The Yes-Fly Zone”, “Looking for Queue”, and “EVERYTHING IS REALLY LOUD Day.”

Remedy Entertainment – Coffee Development
After Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Theory, people have been wondering what’s next for Remedy. Well, Sam Lake finally has an answer for you: Coffee.

Mega Man – Dating Simulator
So you thought Mega Man 11 would be the next game in this franchise? Nope, you’re getting something a little more…out there, shall we say.

League of Legends – April Foods
Sometimes companies use the day to actually create and release content. The wildly popular League of Legends is using the holiday to add some wacky character skins into the game like a large chick man and a pizza delivery woman. Not only that, players can grab new emotes, event-only missions, and more.

CD Projekt RED – Designer Of Game Environments (DOGE)
Are you looking for a job in the industry? Do you enjoy long walks, wagging your tail, and working with humans? Are you a dog? You may want to apply now then.

Pokemon Go – Graphics Overhaul
Tired of catching Pokemon in modern, high definition graphics? Fear not because in this new update, Pokemon GO is getting an all-new visual overhaul featuring cutting-edge 8-bit graphics. Honestly, as someone who grew up with Pokemon Red/Blue, I’m totally okay with this.

Platinum Games – Pocket President Sato
Ever wish you could take Platinum President and CEO Kenichi Sato with you? Well, now you can! For only 3 bucks, you can pick up one of 8 different Sato mini-figures.

Shovel Knight – Commodore 64 Makes A Comeback
While those expansions were all pretty great, I can’t help but think that this is the game most people are waiting for. It’s so good that they didn’t even bother making a soundtrack. Or animating enemies. Or adding effects.

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