Far Cry Arcade Brings The Crazy and The Creative

After the Far Cry Arcade reveal, Ubisoft may have just sold me on the entire Far Cry 5 package.

I’ve been entirely lukewarm on Far Cry 5. Even after it was announced last year, I haven’t really given it a passing thought. It’s not that I dislike the franchise, it’s just that I feel like it has become a little formulaic. I missed the first two games in the franchise, but began my journey with Far Cry 3 and being mesmerized by the villain Vaas. The progression system, shooting mechanics, and open world was a huge highlight for me.

Far Cry 4 provided a similar feeling, though the magic didn’t quite hit the same highs of its predecessor. I loved the new setting, story, and characters like the enigmatic Pagan Min, but the process of capturing outposts and other open world activities felt largely similar. Once I finished the experience, I think I was ready for a break.

Far Cry 5 has pretty much flown under the radar for me, but I’d be lying if I said It hasn’t caught my attention more often lately. Perhaps it’s due to the lack of major releases, or the positive word of mouth, but roaming the woods of Montana against a weird doomsday cult is kind of intriguing. The Ubisoft dropped the Far Cry Arcade news, a mode that takes the popular map editor from previous games and just blows the top off of it.

I mean, just look at how potentially cool this mode could be…

Yes, Ubisoft has loaded the editor with more than just Far Cry 5 assets. Players can use elements from a ton of their other franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, and past Far Cry games. The amount of content that could come out of this mode, especially from a talented community is nearly infinite. Plus, Ubisoft intends to hold community nights each week and continue to update the mode with fresh content throughout 2018, which is a great way to keep the momentum rolling.

In my opinion, this is a prime example of Ubisoft taking a chance and saying why not. I feel like situations like this is when Ubisoft is at its best, really showing what they can do as a developer. Blood Dragon is another stellar another example of this creativity, and that’s one of my favorite things they’ve done with this franchise. With how powerful this map editor appears to be and with plenty of updates coming long after launch, I cannot wait to see what the community comes up with.

Now Ubisoft, who do I need to talk to in order to get Blood Dragon assets added to Far Cry Arcade?

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