Diary of a Monster Hunter Part 3: Becoming The Predator

The next excerpt from the travelling diary of Cortez is finally here. As a new hunter from the Fifth Fleet, can he secure the safety of the city of Astera from a dinosaur-sized threat? What’s next for the new hunter?

Catch up on the exploits of hunter Cortez with his previous diary entries here.

Day 18: Knocking Them Down One by One

Even though I’m chomping at the bit to go after that Anjanath, it seems that Astera leadership has other ideas on how best to utilize my skills. There’s always something to do around here, diary. I’ll keep pushing for the Anjanath, but for now, I’ve been given a laundry list of monsters to track down and take care of. Not only that, the townsfolk here have a few tasks lined up for me as well.

  • The interestingly named Tobi-Kadachi reminds me of a cross between a snake and a flying squirrel. It’s a fast mover and utilizes lightning based attacks that really hurt. Trust me, I took my fair share of hits. What I didn’t expect was a side effect that basically made my get stunned more often, leading to getting hit more by the fast beast.
  • To counter Tobi, I took a detour back into the Wastes in order to hunt my old friend Barroth a few more times. Barroth armor has high defense against electric attacks, which is an absolute lifesaver.
  • I also managed to wrap up a few investigations, bounties, and learned how to capture a monster rather than outright kill it. This could come in handy…
  • During the Tobi fight, that stupid Anjanath actually wandered into the battle. Thankfully, it saw my opponent before me and a Turf War initiated, helping damage my target. As much as I wanted to continue the fight against the Fire-Rex, I had a job to do and pursued the Tobi back to it’s nest. It was hobbling around a bit, nearing death, but wasn’t giving up at all. A few more swings from my weapon, ended the fight for good.

It looks like I’m finally going to get my shot at Anjanath. Very excited and a little nervous! Will write soon!

Day 20: Facing The Nightmare

Well Diary, it finally happened. After terrorizing me since I crashed landed on this world, the Anjanath had to be dealt with. There was no way around it. If we were finally going to take on Zorah Magdaros in a different part of the world, we needed to eliminate the threat. Was I ready? I wasn’t so sure. That creature was a massive test, one that shamed everything else I had seen so far.

Monster Hunter: World Anjanath

Again, it’s all about preparation. I knew I needed fireproof armor as I had previously seen that beast shoot flames out of its mouth fighting a Great Jagras. My options weren’t good, but I was able to upgrade my bone armor and craft new gauntlets that were high in defense and offered greater fire protection. So now that the armor was settled, I needed a great weapon. What is fire weak to you might ask? Water of course. I had enough materials from my Jyuratodus encounter to craft a water enhanced long sword. I was ready.

After tracking down the hulking creature, the fight began. It was as fierce as it looked, Diary! I was also surprised to see that the creature could change it’s looks, sprouting an interesting growth on its nose as well as large panels on its back. Being well prepared certainly helped as the battle was long and hard. The Anjanath pulled out all the stops, lunging, kicking, using its tail to smash the ground, and using sweeping fire attacks to take me out.

None of it worked.

I was able to limit a section of its attacks by lopping off its tail. Sure looked like it hurt. Lots of dodging, lots of VIgorwasps from Maahes, and plenty of sword swings came after.

I think I was too prepared for this fight because in the end, it wasn’t nearly as hard as I was expecting. Yes, it was a long fight, and the monster was really aggressive, but ultimately I came out on top. The future of Astera was now set.

After some well-deserved rest, it’s time to get back to work. Emergency meeting is just about to kick off. Will write soon, Diary.

Day 25: It’s Time.

The moment the entire fleet has been waiting for finally happened. The researchers finally pinpointed the exact location the legendary dragon Zorah Magdaros is set to touch down. We have one chance to mobilize and take care of the beast. Everyone seems pretty excited about this opportunity.

You could tell this was going to be a large mission because the entire city contributed to it. We set up a fantastic system with multiple checkpoints and mounted weaponry designed to stop the monster from reaching its destination. I’m talking cannons, ballistae and a whole lot of manpower. Even though we were well prepared, The actual fight itself was something no one was prepared for.

Zorah Magdaros

Diary, I’ve never seen a creature so large. It was like a walking pile of black magma. Everyone sprung into action, loading cannonballs, firing arrows…it seemed like nothing was working. Yes, we seemed to slow it down and did damage to it, but it just kept coming. Before we knew it, the monster smashed through our massive wooden wall. I know the engineers and craftsmen were a little disappointed considering all the hard work they had put in.

At this point, the only option was a direct assault because if it reached the second checkpoint, we were likely going to lose it. Without thinking, I hooked my wingdrake and landed on top of the absolutely massive beast.  What other option was there?

The hulking beast had three molten cores in various locations around his body. I needed to find them and destroy them any way possible. Little did I know that by breaking them, they gushed molten lava and ultimately changed the position of the landscape. I was doing well dealing with the shifting floor and bursts of fire. I really thought we were going to capture Zorah. And then things changed for the worse. Nergigante, another elder dragon appeared.

Diary, things got bad. I can remember thinking that this was the end of my journey. Even with things in dire straights, I wasn’t going down without a fight and as I prepared to go down swinging against Nergigante, I was saved! Out of nowhere, backup finally arrived in the form of a hunter from the 1st fleet and together we drove the beast back and captured Zorah Magdaros.

That’s what I would have loved to have said, but in reality, Nergigante delayed us enough to cause the ties we had on Zorah to break. Nergigante fled, Zorah broke free from its restraints, and we all fell tumbling down back to the ground.

This is certainly a big loss for us, though it’s not the end. We know where it went and I’m sure we’ll pick up on Zorah’s trail again. I hope anyway. I’m down but not out, Diary. Will write soon.

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