Diary of a Monster Hunter Part 2: Making A Name For Myself

The following is another excerpt from the travelling diary of Cortez, a new hunter from the Fifth Fleet to land in the New World and help establish the city of Astera.

After part 1’s big victory, we catch up with the Hunter trying to make a name for himself with Astera leadership. Can he pull it off or will he be eaten by the large monstrosities waiting for him in the wilds?

Day 12: Getting My Hunt On!

Whew! Sorry I haven’t checked in with you in a while, Diary! Thar be Monsters to hunt! Let’s see, where to begin?

I’ve come across a variety of beasts over the past few days, ranging from a dodo like bird creature called a Kulu-Ya-Ku to that Chameleon looking Pukei-Pukei I mentioned in my last entry. Neither proved to be super challenging, but like all the fights I’ve seen so far, each felt unique and really satisfying. Okay, maybe not so much for the monster, but I’m still really enjoying myself!

Each kill presents me with new resources for crafting as well. I’ve been able to make all sorts of interesting gear, many which feature different stats and resistances. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned since landing in Astera, it’s to be prepared! Those enthusiastic smithy workers continue to be eager to create something new and thankfully for them, I’m in constant need of gear. Each monster brings something new to the table like strengths and weaknesses, so making sure I’m prepared to deal with those variables is paramount. Diary, this was a lesson I learned the hard way.

monster hunter world barroth

This was particularly true in my battle against a hulking brute known as a Barroth. My adventures took me to a new area called Wildspire Wastes, an interesting zone that combined a rocky desert with a lush, watery landscape. I found the Barroth on the desert side and began to attack it using the skills I had learned. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared. The Barroth overwhelmed me with its heavy hits and I’m not ashamed to admit that I fainted. Hey, it was hot out there in the desert.

Not wanting to give up, I headed back to Astera and to the smithy. As I’ve done with each new encounter, I was able to pick up on some interesting facts in my fight with the beast and found it was weaker to heavy weapons like the great hammer and was strong against thunder and weak against water. With that knowledge, I crafted new armor to resist its strengths and forged a great hammer to go along with my new gear.

That did the trick, diary! After a long fight, I finally achieved success and boy was it satisfying. See diary? It’s all about adapting to the mission and not being stuck on a particular gear set. Upon returning to the city, my partner informed me that a research team was in serious trouble and had gone missing somewhere in the Wastes.

No time to waste, diary! I’m off to find out what happened. Wish me luck! Will write soon.

Day 14: What Lurks Below

Diary, it was a fairly exciting day! My handler and I headed back out to the Wildspire Wastes and quickly picked up a strange trail. Naturally, I followed it and led me into the lush, aquatic area of the Wildspire Wastes. The scout flies were acting strange, leading me to the corpse of a recently killed Barroth. Thankfully, the lost scholar was there as well, though he was clearly terrified of a monster that had come through there. As I was leading him back to safety, we were suddenly attacked by a lurking monster which looked like a cross between an eel and a fish. Not good.

I wasn’t super optimistic about this fight. The Jyuratodus was a water creature, weak to electric based attacks. All things I didn’t have at the moment. I panicked a little during the start of the fight. I knew I needed help so I shot an SOS Flare that I had on me and held out hope that other hunters would join my cause. Thankfully, my prayer was answered.

Monster Hunter World Jyuratodus

A new hunter found his way to where I was, clearly, a higher ranked hunter than myself. He was sporting some really fantastic looking gear and a new weapon I hadn’t seen before called the hunting horn. Not only was it a big hammer, but he could play music on it offering buffs to the party. You know diary, as much as I love my hammer, I may need to investigate this new weapon back at Astera.

Back to the fight, the Jyuratodus enjoyed staying in the water, diving down and then leaping out of it in the hopes to crush us. This was certainly a different style of fight, one that was tougher due to my lack of decent water resistant gear. Thankfully with the help of my ally, we were able to fell the beast and carve it up for new gear. Should certainly come in handy when creating water-based items.

A hunter’s work is never done though because upon my return, I started hearing things about a lightning based flying beast that needed my attention. In addition to that, remember the T-Rex looking creature I mentioned in my previous update, diary? Well, that Anjanath is also becoming a bigger threat to the security of the city. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to face off with it. I hope I’m ready…

Back later. Will write soon.

Day 15: Poogie Problems

I’m kinda miffed that the town Poogie doesn’t seem to like me. Rammed right into me, then ran off after I was just trying to pet it. Diary, I’m making it my personal mission to bond with that thing…

Still frustrated. Will write soon…

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