Sunday Video Round Up: Jan 21 – 27

Just like that, it’s time once again for a brand new edition of the Sunday Video Round Up! We’ve got another fantastic line up of trailers and videos from the past week, ready for your eyes. So kick back, relax, and press play. Here’s a small sample of what’s waiting for you below the jump.

Arguably, the biggest trailer from the past week belonged to Sony as they finally revealed the release date for God of War. Not only that, the trailer has plenty of story moments peppered within, giving fans just a small taste of what they can expect once the game launches. Certainly a different look for the typically violent action game.

Even with all the recent fighting game releases, Bandai Namco doesn’t want you to forget about Soul Calibur VI. A new trailer for the long running franchise reveals characters both new and old joining the launch day roster.

I’ve also got new videos for Call of Duty: WW2, Dragon Ball FighterZShadow of the Colossus, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Launch Trailer
God of War – Story Trailer
Lost Sphear – New Moon Rises Launch Trailer
Fortnite – Developer Update #6
Shadow of the Colossus – Photo Mode Walkthrough Trailer
For Honor – Age of Wolves Teaser Trailer
Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones – Launch Trailer
Soul Calibur VI – The Agent in Black Trailer
Monster Hunter World – Launch Trailer
Vampyr – Episode 2
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Ghost War Update 3
The Inpatient – Launch Trailer
Banner Saga 3 – Fasolt, The Loyalist Trailer
For Honor – Season 5 Reveal Trailer
Overwatch – New Cosmetics Trailer
Shadow of the Colossus – Remaking a Masterpiece Trailer
Call of Duty: WW2 – The Resistance DLC Trailer
Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – Giving Life to the Characters BTS
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4 Responses to Sunday Video Round Up: Jan 21 – 27

  1. AlunaRL says:

    That God of War trailer ❤_❤

  2. Hatm0nster says:

    Photo mode in Shadow of the Colossus is one of things you never knew you wanted until you saw it.

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