The Game Awards 2017 Reaction Post

Crazy to think that it’s almost the end of 2017. Where did the time go?

Since it’s December, fans should be well aware that the PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards do a great job of providing a bit of excitement before the new year kicks off. Last night annual Game Awards event kicked off and as expected, the show revealed a ton of new games and trailers.

the game awards logo

So, let’s have a recap of what was announced as well as some off the cuff thoughts by yours truly.

Honestly, I’m less concerned with the details surrounding who won what award so I’m not going to cover any of that here. Let’s get to the meat of the show and react to all of the trailers and announcements!

Soul Calibur 6
It’s funny how rumors can pick up steam before an actual reveal. Soul Calibur has been a dormant franchise that many people were hoping to see make a return and as each month beyond E3 came and went, the rumors seemed to be on the rise.

Well, Bandai Namco finally delivered the good and holy cow does the game look visually gorgeous. The trailer itself simply showed longtime mainstays Sophitia battling Mitsurugi. For me, the reveal itself wasn’t a massive surprise thanks to the onslaught of rumors, but I was certainly happy to see it officially confirmed.

Death Stranding
I mean, is anyone surprised that Kojima was at the show considering Geoff Keighley and him are like besties? Of course there was a new trailer and of course it’s off the wall bonkers!

I’m glad Kojima is still making games, even after all of the nonsense he suffered at the hands of Konami, but I don’t even know where to start with Death Stranding. The seven-minute trailer focuses on Norman Reedus, who appears to be on some remote planet or something. A team of people got attacked by some sort of invisible creatures, who, as it turns out are still hunting them. One of the guys has a baby in his pod, things start melting into the ground, and then a massive enemy presses the anti-gravity button. Norman Reedus is then underwater and we see the baby from the pod now in his stomach and gives the camera a thumbs up before Norman wakes up on the weird planet again? Like…what?

I mean, the trailer is unbelievably produced, super cinematic, and it downright gorgeous. But seriously, what is this game?

Bayonetta 3 and Bayonetta Franchise Comes to Switch
I think most people would have been thrilled just to hear that Bayonetta 1 and 2 were coming to Switch, but then they found out that Platinum is actually bringing the third installment there as well.

I love me some huge surprises and this one certainly fit the bill. While I’ve yet to actually play through a Bayonetta game outside of a demo, it’s a series I’ve always wanted to play. Funny thing is that I actually have the Steam version of Bayonetta on my PC, just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe I’ll try to clear some space and get to it sooner than later.

From Software Teases Something
In a blink and you’ll miss it sort of moment, From Software also released a teaser trailer for their next project called Shadows Die Twice. There’s not a ton to go on, but fans are sure it’s a sequel to Bloodborne.

Whatever it is, Soulsborne fans should be excited.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champion’ Ballad Trailer and Release
Nintendo certainly cleaned up the awards ceremony last night, eh? Not only did Zelda claim the title of game of the year, it also put out a lengthy trailer for its second DLC pack. The trailer highlights each of the four heroes: Revali, Mipha, Daruk, and Urbosa, and shows off some really interesting locations you’ll be traversing.

What’s better than a new trailer? How about the fact that it’s available right. Now.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not a Switch owner at the moment, but Zelda is definitely a game that’s on my radar. Even though I don’t own the game, I loved the sense of wonder the trailer inspired and let me just say that the art design is still all sorts of amazing.

In the Valley of the Gods
Campo Santo, the folks behind Firewatch (a game which I just recently played through) finally revealed their next project known as In the Valley of the Gods. Set in 1920 Egypt, it stars two documentary filmmakers who are looking to hit it big once again by documenting their trip to Egypt.

Just like Firewatch, the relationship between the two characters is central to the plot as players explore, traverse, and actually shoot a documentary within the tomb. The interesting twist here is that both characters will be within close proximity of each other and players will actually get to watch the film they’ve created by the end. An interesting concept and if it’s just as compelling as Firewatch, I’m in.

Fade to Silence
What’s known as a character-driven, group survival game, Fade to Silence puts players in a post-apocalyptic world hit by winter. Not only are players working to survive the harsh conditions, but corrupted monsters also roam the environment as well.

The CG trailer certainly looks interesting, but the trailer didn’t show off much int he way of actual gameplay so I’m not sure what to think overall. It’s available now in Early Access on Steam in case you’re interested.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 Update
Little surprise with this one considering news surrounding the Desert map has been going strong for the past couple of weeks. So yeah, the new trailer reveals more of the map and it also confirmed that Early Access ends on December 20. It’s coming to Xbox One in 2018 as well.

Sea of Thieves gets a release date
The pirate-themed Microsoft exclusive is getting its time in the sun on March 20, 2018. I still don’t quite know what to make of it or how friendly to solo style players it’ll be, so I don’t have much of an opinion on it at the moment. It looks interesting, but is this a game that’ll remain fun after the newness aspect wears off? We shall see.

Dreams Update
Like me, there’s probably many of you that forgot about Dreams, a new experience from the talented and super creative folks at Media Molecule. I mean, it’s been a while since we’ve heard ANYTHING about it as well, so that certainly doesn’t help.

So at The Game Awards, a new trailer showed off the user-generated sandbox game once again. I still don’t quite understand what it is, like, if there’s a campaign/story, or if it’s just a game fully propelled by what players create and share. For what it’s worth, this 2018 game is unbelievably ambitious and features a wonderful visual design. It seems like players can create almost whatever they want from racers, to side-scrollers, to space simulators. It’s crazy ambitious.

A Way Out Release Window
After getting revealed by EA at E3, the next game from the developer behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons finally confirmed that the new game is arriving on March 23, 2018.

The game has an interesting vibe, but when I heard that co-op is mandatory, I kind of lost interest. I’ll give them credit for actually adding the ability to play the game online with a friend who doesn’t even have the game. Now that’s cool and may just get me to pick up a copy next year. We’ll see.

I initially missed the announcement for this, but the title alone caught my interest. The world is stunning, almost hauntingly beautiful.

I tried but failed to really get invested in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, so when I saw it was developed by The Astronauts, my excitement tempered a bit. What’s interesting though is that the team seem to be leaning heavily into their experience working on former games like Bulletstorm and Painkiller because Witchfire is a first-person shooter with abilities, skeletons, knights, and a whole lot of cool stuff. I’m cautiously optimistic about this one.

From the creators of the Payday series, comes another co-op oriented shooter. The trailer shows the perspective of one player as his teammates look to break into some sort of massive vault, only to be overrun by aliens or zombies, or something like that. Honestly, the biggest takeaway for me

Metro Exodus looks crazy
I enjoy the Metro games, even if they can be a little rough around the edges. Exodus looks to be the most polished one to date, however, continuing the tradition of great storytelling rolled into a fun shooter with a well-designed world to explore.

The biggest thing these games have in my opinion, however, is the crazily detailed environments. And mutated spiders, which…I tell you, I had trouble getting through Last Light because of those creepy and unsettling creatures. I really enjoy these games but those enemies just make my skin crawl. I guess that means you’re doing something right 4A, huh?

Fortnite update
It’s crazy to think about how fast this game has risen thanks in large part to its free Battle Royale mode. Well, the game is expanding once again by adding a straight 50 versus 50 last team standing mode available now through December 17.

I’d be shocked if this mode didn’t make a return at some point, especially a permanent one. No doubt, fans are going to go nuts for it.

World War Z Is actually a real game
I’ve been hearing rumors about this one for ages, so much so that I’ve written it off completely. Looks like I was wrong on that account.

Honestly, the trailer is there to essentially set up the world and doesn’t do much to reveal the type of gameplay players will be experiencing. I don’t know what to think yet as right now, it does just look like another zombie game albeit with an unbelievable amount of zombies on the screen at one time. I’ve heard it’ll be a co-op shooter similar to Left 4 Dead, so if that’s true, I’m interested. Especially considering it looks like Valve has lost interest in actually doing anything with their core franchises these days.

More VR Stuff
I’m not a VR guy and don’t really have much interest in it at the moment so the announcements for Vacation Simulator and Accounting + didn’t do much for me.

Warframe gets the spotlight
One thing that I really thought was well done came from Digital Extremes and its game, Warframe. Yes, this is a game that has been out for a while now, but it has begun picking up a ton of steam thanks to continued updates and the fact that it’s free to play.

What was really a nice touch though is that the game basically celebrated its community by releasing a trailer actually created by one of its fans. It was really well done and a super cool thing for the developer to do on such a huge stage like that. Another trailer showed off the expansive new updates coming as well, which look to really push the game in new directions.

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