Happy 30th Birthday Mega Man! Here’s A New Game

Well, you can certainly file this announcement under the “I didn’t see this coming” category.

During a week when most companies are preparing big announcements for The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience, Capcom got out ahead of them all to hold a little celebration for the Blue Bomber. After all, it’s his 30th birthday and sadly, the franchise has been pretty dormant for the past few years.

While we got cool announcements such as the Mega Man X franchise finally coming to PC and current consoles (not sure if they’re doing it as another anniversary collection like they did previously), Capcom likely shocked many folks when they officially revealed Mega Man 11.

While not expected for release until late next year, the game sheds the retro aesthetics that Mega Man 9 and 10 brought back for something a little more modern. Mega Man 11 opts to go for a 2.5D look and feel, keeping the classic side-scrolling gameplay and pairing it with 3D models. The game’s still super early, so most of the other details aren’t known yet though I’d imagine players will still be facing off against 8 themed robot masters.

As excited as I am to see where this goes, did anyone else get a Mighty No. 9 vibe from the trailer? Remember how much hype that game had, considering that Keiji Inafune tried to deliver a Mega Man style experience to fill the void that Capcom didn’t appear to be willing to fill? Here’s hoping that Mega Man 11 doesn’t share that same fate, yeesh.

As a lifelong Mega Man fan, I’m thrilled a new game is coming. Even more than that, I’m over the moon that Capcom is once again interested in bringing this franchise back.

During the reveal video, they showed Mega Man running through his history starting in 1982 and all the way to now. It was really fun revisiting all of the games that encompass the entire franchise while also jamming out to iconic tunes. What really hit me though was when Mega Man ran through the past seven years: they were completely empty. Those were certainly dark times in his legacy with all of the cancellations, false starts, and general apathy. I’m glad the series is able to move forward once again.

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