Burning Questions and Random Thoughts: Destiny 2 Edition

So Destiny 2 has been out for a number of weeks now, giving players like myself plenty of opportunities to see how the experience shapes up over the course of the entire campaign, and how it evolves further from there.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some additional thoughts on how the game plays and some random thoughts as well. I thought it would be fun to gather up a bunch of my random thoughts and put them below for you to read. I’m curious as to what others are thinking as well for those who have been playing it since it launched as well.

If you’re looking for an impressions article with no spoilers, I’ve got you covered! I wrote up my thoughts and impressions on the shooter a couple weeks back, so make sure to check that out as well.

As a general warning, I’m going to be talking about some story spoilers including content found after the campaign is finished. So if you don’t want to spoil a few surprises, bookmark this page and come back once you’re ready.

So if you are ready, head on below:

Point 1: The post-265 light/power grind is real. For the past week, it seems like the only way I can increase that number is by doing the once per week milestone quests. Other activities or reputation bundles drop gear that is now below by light level, making it super difficult to advance at a normal rate. Sure, exotic engrams have a small chance to appear in the Crucible or Strikes, but the rewards are no longer equalling to total time and effort spent. Bungie did a great job fixing this by the Rise of Iron expansion, so I’m a bit stumped as to why they’d dump that for D2. Maybe with no more random modifiers, they wanted to slow players down so they wouldn’t find everything? I don’t know.

Point 2: I’m surprised at how quickly Bungie abandoned The Farm after all the pre-release talk about it. I get that they wanted to hide the return of The Tower by the end, but I’m still kind of disappointed by this because I liked the idea of visiting a new location. I didn’t mind seeing The Tower destroyed at the start because I was ready for something new and wanted to see The Farm grow in its place. Since a new Tower was created at the end, there’s pretty much no reason to go back to The Farm now. It’s kind of funny how quickly the NPCs left it as

Since a new Tower was created at the end, there’s pretty much no reason to go back to The Farm at all. It’s kind of funny how quickly the NPCs left it as Cayde, Zavala, Ikora, Tess, and even its former leader, Hawthorne, quickly make haste to the new Tower. Ultimately, there’s nothing there for you now, only Tyra Karn, which…I mean, no offense to her or anything, but Master Rahool, the original stingy Cryptarch, is alive and well at the new Tower.

Point 3: Hey, the milestone reset every Tuesday is nice and all, especially for those looking to earn powerful gear. Are we ever going to see the return of daily bounties though? I believe these would give players more incentive to return, even after finishing up your weekly milestones. I know Challenges change daily but still, I do kind of miss being able to stockpile a ton of bounties and then turn a bunch in at one time. It was pretty satisfying, to say the least.

Point 4: I actually really enjoyed the final boss fight against Ghaul. The stage was pretty big for a normal Destiny boss fight, so I found plenty of places to hide when I needed a breather or a health recharge. The enemy adds didn’t feel overwhelming and I liked how each phase gave Ghual another super ability based on the Solar, Void, Arc class types. Overall, pretty fun.

Point 5: I’m still bitter about strike scoring getting removed. I thought everyone liked that addition?

Point 6: Speaking of Strikes, why can’t I individually select a strike from the various destinations like in Destiny 1? This does go hand in hand with the lack of a Crucible mode selector as well. Also…Heroic Strikes? Where did they go?

Point 7: I’ll be honest, I find nearly all of the green and blue level Hunter gear to be very unappealing. In fact, I haven’t found too many impressive gear pieces outside of exotic armor.

Point 8: I found it interesting that there are a ton of exotics (not all!) that are returning from Destiny 1. Celestial Nighthawk, MIDA-Multi Tool, Insurmountable Skullfort, and much more rejoin the fight. Kinda hoping for brand new gear but I won’t refuse some of my favorites again like the Hard Light auto rifle.

Point 9: Infusing weapons apparently changed a bit. You can infuse anything you want now, the weapon type needs to match. So if you want to infuse a submachine gun, you need to dismantle a submachine gun. Pretty inconvenient, and I can’t put my finger on why this was an actual thing to happen.

Point 10: I still don’t care much about the one use shader and mod system. Yes, it’d be nice to take them off, but I typically just hold on to everything because it seems I switch out/dismantle gear often. I’ll probably wait until I’m more gear stable before I bother.

Those are my points. What are you thinking about the game since it launched?

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4 Responses to Burning Questions and Random Thoughts: Destiny 2 Edition

  1. Interesting. I would also love to choose a single strike from the map like before, and I’m still getting used to the shaders. I thought once I bought it for a piece of armor, it would be available for all of that armor type (like all future chestpieces). But it doesn’t seem like that’s the case?

    I just finished the main story, so getting into the grindy parts now. I’m loving the game so far though! I also enjoyed the last battle.

    • Yeah, mods, shaders, and transmat effects are one time use items. I’ve turned into a hoarder of sorts because it seems like I’m always swapping out things so I don’t want to use something and then immediately replace it. Once I get more gear stable, I’ll probably start decking out my character with the items I want.

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