Top 5 Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Characters I Want To See

Since its reveal last year, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has been on a strange trip. The initial hype gave way to concerns from the community over things like the roster to the weird and somewhat ugly looking faces many characters had like Chun-li. Things have stabilized a bit somewhat, but leaks have seriously undermined the Capcom marketing department, revealing details which the company would like to keep quiet like additional characters and DLC.

While the gameplay looks to be extremely fun, ask most fans and they’ll tell you that the biggest issue facing Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is the roster. Obviously, Capcom has plans to fix the issue through DLC, which they’ve yet to officially reveal outside of Black Panther and Sigma.

So, with the game arriving next week, I thought it would be fun to kind of speculate a bit and reveal some of my personal favorite characters who I hope make the cut at some point and join the roster.

These are my top five characters, but what are yours?

Psylocke – Since I can remember going to the arcade to play these games (From X-Men: Children of the Atom onward), Psylocke has always been a character I picked for my team. I love the way her sprite was animated and her moves were really easy to pull off. Utilizing telekinetic psychic attacks, she’s able to teleport, fire off a blast of energy, and even perform a sort of psychic drill style attack. She’s pretty versatile and fits the dynamic and sometimes chaotic gameplay style of these games. Plus, the current Infinite roster is in need of more female characters pretty badly.

Sadly, I’m not sure her chances are all that great as she’s definitely not one of the bigger comic book names out there these days, especially if Capcom is solely looking at the cinematic universe. Yes, she was a minor character in the recent X-Men Apocalypse movie, but I’m not sure that’s nearly enough for her to be given a roster spot. Here’s hoping anyway.

Gambit – The Ragin’ Cajun is my other personal favorite character, not only from the versus games but from the comics and old 90s X-Men animated show as well. Naturally, I’d love to see Remy return to the roster here because he’s a great mix of cool and lethal. Like Psylocke, Gambit has always been expertly animated from his coat blowing in the wind, to his very cool energy enhanced card attacks.

The character doesn’t seem to be nearly as mainstream friendly as he once was, but with a movie in the works, perhaps that’ll help his chances a bit more.

Cable – Cable was a major force in the older Marvel vs games, so you know he has a big fan backing already. While the character main not be as mainstream as he once was (like the others in this list), I think longtime fans would get a kick out of seeing this future soldier getting rendered in 3D.

While Capcom hasn’t really confirmed that a lot of their roster choices is heavily influenced by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think it’s pretty plain to see that it is. So going off that, Cable should have a better chance than my previous two choices considering that he’s going to be a major character in the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie. Alternatively, you have to wonder if they’d pick Deadpool over Cable first since he was also in the last game and would likely be easier to translate to MvCI.

Jon TalbainDarkstalkers is always represented well in these games, though the roster has been cut severely with mainstays like Felicia and BB Hood nowhere to be found. Still, Morrigan and Jedah made the final cut, and I’d like to see more new blood on the roster. Jon Talbain, a werewolf, has always been a highly requested character for these games, and with Jedah also being a new Darkstalkers addition, why not finally add in Talbain as well?

I think the game could certainly use one or two more Dalkstalker characters in it. With the community doubting that longtime fighter Felicia will even make the cut (due in large part to her less than family friendly outfit…that’s Disney for ya, right?), Talbain could easily be a great new character.

Jin – I never really connected with Jin in MvC 2, but I will absolutely acknowledge how great of a fit he is for these series of games. Originally hailing from an obscure title called Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness, Jin basically resembles a fast moving ninja type character, able to set his opponents on fire or catch them in his tornado specials.

What really sets him apart though is the fact that he can summon a giant mech known as Blodia. How cool would it be to see this mech rendered in 3D, performing punch attacks or its machine gun strikes?

Honorable Mentions

The X-Men – I think most fans of this series went into shock when it was confirmed that major groups like the X-Men would not be in the game. I mean, Wolverine and Storm have been staples of the series, so fans are hoping that perhaps a few eventually make the roster through DLC. I can’t imagine Capcom would outright ignore the community, right?

Ruby Heart – I mean, who doesn’t love pirates, right? Well, maybe ninjas, but still. Ruby Heart is an interesting character as she doesn’t actually exist in either the Marvel or Capcom universe. She’s an original character, created especially for Marvel vs Capcom 2, being placed in the protagonist role for the game. She has a bunch of cool pirate based attacks including using an anchor to pull the opponent to her then into a cannon, and a treasure chest that can summon spirits.

The Marvel vs games embrace the crazy, so Ruby, no doubt, fits perfectly. Plus, like I mentioned above, there is a big need for more female characters on the Infinite roster.

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