Missing In Action: Top 5 Games and Studios Who Were Not At E3 2017

While E3 2017 has given gamers a wealth of content and games to look forward to in the coming months, for many it’s more about what wasn’t there. Obviously, going into these shows carries a level of expectation from the fan base, which is then further enhanced by the ever-churning rumor mill.

Big companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo obviously have their own plans they’d rather stick to so when there’s an expectation of seeing a certain game and it ultimately isn’t shown, it’s understandable for disappointment to set in. While I personally felt E3 2017 had a lot of great things to show off (more on that next week), there were still a couple of games or studios that surprised me by not being there.

Here are my five biggest no-shows at the annual event this year. Enjoy!

The Last of Us Part II
Seen as one of Sony’s big exclusive titles, it was surprising to see this game not even get a trailer during the show this year. Going back to expectations for a moment, the game was initially revealed last December during PSX, so I think most people expected to see something more 6 months later.

Taking to Twitter, Director Neil Druckmann tried to offer some details as to why the highly anticipated title took the show off. Understandably, Naughty Dog has its other project, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, getting ready to release in just a couple of months. As such, the studio didn’t want to have it overshadowed or competing for attention. With a few more trade shows left in 2017, it’s likely Naughty Dog will use at least one of them to finally show off their other game in greater detail.

Retro Studios
One of the more exciting announcements to come out of E3 2017 is that Nintendo has two Metroid projects currently in development. While the 3DS title, Metroid: Samus Returns is a more classic looking entry, Metroid Prime 4 from the well-received first-person shooter series, was also in development for the Switch.

As fans later found out, Retro Studios, the group behind the first three games, isn’t actually involved in the development of this new title. So which developer is currently working on it? Nintendo isn’t saying, only revealing that it’s a brand new, highly talented squad with longtime producer Kensuke Tanabe watching over them. So if it’s not Retro, then what are they working on? Again, Nintendo isn’t saying.

So if it’s not Retro, then what are they working on? Again, Nintendo isn’t saying.

Sucker Punch
The house of inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper was expected to have it’s coming out party this year, considering that the studio has been hard at work on a secret project for at least three years at this point. Many suspected that project to be Spider-Man last year, but as we now know, that honor went to Insomniac.

Unfortunately, another E3 came and went without so much as a peep from the Seattle, Washington studio. Rumors point to a new IP being developed, but for now, fans are only left to speculate. Considering nothing has been shown, We’re likely looking at a 2018 release here.  While E3 may be the biggest of the tradeshow events, perhaps we’ll finally learn more later this year at Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, or PSX in December.

Splinter Cell
Ubisoft has been hitting home run after home run with its Tom Clancy titles as of late. The Division continues to push out new content to its player base, Ghost Recon Wildlands has been a sales success, and Rainbow Six Siege is still pulling in enormous player numbers even as it approaches its second anniversary. So naturally, everyone assumed that the fourth pillar of this brand would be making its long awaited appearance at Ubisoft’s press conference this year.

To the surprise of most, Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell series did not emerge from the shadows. Thankfully however, the company did acknowledge the series and admitted that the franchise was not forgotten. While most of the studios are stretched thin with other projects at this point, the series would not remain the odd man out forever.

Smash Bros Switch
Leading up to E3 this year, this game seemed all but assured to be shown. Similar to what Nintendo pulled off with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, many believed a new Smash Bros would be a “remastered” version of the popular Wii U title, with new content to boost its appeal even further.

Nintendo’s very short 25 minute presser kept things light, really only focusing on content that was arriving this year (minus a few exceptions). While it’s likely that there is a new Smash game in active development, perhaps it’s a brand new title, or in a state where it’s just not ready for the limelight yet. Either way, there are plenty of opportunities left this year to show off something. Don’t lose hope yet!

(BONUS) Other EA Star Wars Projects
I for one was absolutely expecting to see something from Amy Hennig and the Visceral team regarding their now long in development Star Wars title. We’ve already got very short teasers for it, but surprisingly, there’s basically no information on the game.

As it turns out, there was a reason for it: EA didn’t want to take away from Star Wars: Battlefront 2. It makes sense when you consider how much effort has been put into the project and that it’s due out in a few months. For now, fans can look forward to a dedicated campaign, completely revamped multiplayer, and free DLC, while news on Visceral’s project will likely start hitting after Battlefront 2 launches in November.

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5 Responses to Missing In Action: Top 5 Games and Studios Who Were Not At E3 2017

  1. Mr. Panda says:

    Really shocked about Retro Studios being missing, especially with two Metroid games announced.. My guess is that they’re working on an original IP. I mean, it could be another Donkey Kong Country Returns, and I certainly wouldn’t mind that, but a new brand in their hands could be the next big thing.

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