Saturday Video Round Up: May 28 – June 3

Even with E3 right around the corner, new trailers are still popping up all over the place! Welcome to a brand new Video Round Up this week, where the best trailers and videos from the industry have been gathered for your viewing pleasure. Here are just a few of the games waiting for you below.

Are you feeling the need? The need for speed? Well, EA certainly hopes that you are because the next entry in the long-running series has been officially revealed as Need for Speed Payback. Fans of the Fast & The Furious series of movies should find plenty to love here including fast cars, police chases, and high action moments behind the wheel. Expect plenty more in a few weeks at E3.

If you’re looking for a little more ‘crazy’ in your life, let Volition be your guide. Their Saints Row looking game, Agents of Mayhem dropped another new trailer and you better believe their signature style, humor, and open world antics are back on display. Oh, and there’s a talking vehicle as well.

I’ve also got new videos for Injustice 2, Tekken 7, Overwatch, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

Injustice 2 – Introducing Red Hood Trailer
ARMS – Answer the Call to ARMS Trailer
Need for Speed Payback – Reveal Trailer
Tekken 7 – Launch Trailer
Diablo 3 – Male Necromancer Intro Trailer
Diablo 3 – Female Necromancer Intro Trailer
Injustice 2 – Wonder Woman Events Trailer
Fire Emblem Heroes – Bridal Blessings Trailer
Overwatch – Horizon Lunar Colony Preview Trailer
Agents of Mayhem – Ride for Mayhem Trailer
Tekken 7 – Features Trailer
Extinction – Announcement Trailer
Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Fallen Ghosts Launch Trailer
Sonic Mania – Preorder Trailer
Paragon – Wukong Announce Trailer
Mafia III – Stones Unturned DLC Launch Trailer
Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Launch Trailer
ARK: Survival Evolved – Patch 258 Trailer
Perception – Launch Trailer
Aftercharge – Xbox One Teaser Trailer
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2 Responses to Saturday Video Round Up: May 28 – June 3

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Sonic Mania is looking excellent! Can’t wait!

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