Destiny Starts Winding Down With The Age of Triumph

It is a little known secret that Destiny 2 is on the horizon, targeting a late 2017 release. While fans continue to wait for any sort of news regarding the mysterious sequel, it should come as no surprise that the current world of Destiny is soon going to be left behind. Late last week, Bungie finally pulled the curtains back on their plans by announcing the last major update coming on March 28 known as Age of Triumph.

Earlier today we got a teaser trailer and news that all of the older raids would be updated but this last update also includes a massive record book and weekly rituals which aim to help push certain things into the next game. Again, there’s still a few details we still don’t know, but Bungie did confirm that it’s looking to reward people who have been part of the game for a while with honors that reflect each player’s Destiny 1 accomplishments.


The bad news is that a lot of Destiny 1 content won’t carry over. For example, Destiny 1 power, possessions, and Eververse-related items and currency won’t be moving to Destiny 2. All is not lost however as Bungie is making sure that character personalization is saved and transferable as long as the player has reached level 20 and beaten the Black Garden mission. We’re talking class, race, gender, face, hair, and marking selections.

Personally, being able to move my character over to the next game isn’t a big priority. I kinda feel like my current characters character are just a shell anyway. Basically a vessel that was resurrected by a small robot creature after getting killed in some unspecified event that happened at some point in the past. Outside of selecting to be human, a robot, or an alien, and if you want to shoot space magic, fire a magical golden pistol, or power slam the earth, there’s not much meat on those character lore bones to chew on.

In fact, I’m perfectly happy to leave them all behind and start fresh. I’m hoping that Destiny 2 will really flesh out the character creation process , add some background to the lore, and perhaps utilize a more advanced graphics engine (or at least the same one with visual enhancements since the franchise is “next-gen” only now). I think we can all agree that the current character customization options are fairly barebones.

I guess, part of me is used to having to start over with most franchise type of games, so I wouldn’t feel like I was losing anything or that I “wasted” hours of my life. You may feel differently and that’s fine. As I’ve written before, I’m hoping Destiny 2 really is what many expected the current game to be in the first place. Deeper character customization, expanded story with strong NPC characters and cut scenes, and just more content waiting for players right out of the gate.

If they hit those goals, I won’t mind starting from scratch.

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