Nintendo Switch Presentation – Quick Thoughts and Concerns

After the disappointing lifespan of the WiiU, Nintendo is betting big on the Switch, their newest console that acts as both a home and portable system. It’s an interesting concept and one that really seemed to capture people’s attention when the debut trailer arrived last October.

Still, Nintendo withheld a lot of information from fans, ultimately waiting until last night to officially reveal the system in full. As many expected, the console launches with a $300 price tag, which isn’t terrible, though I feel like $250 would have been the sweet spot. It’s hitting earlier than many people expected on March 3, 2017. Like the WiiU deluxe model, it sports a 32GB HDD.


In my opinion, the press conference didn’t do much for me. I came in curious but not sold on the new console. It’s still a fascinating concept, a home console that can be taken on the go. It’s a great idea, especially in the go, go, go style world we live in now. Being able to take your games on the go is going to be a great feature for many, especially those who travel often.

While it was nice to finally getting some solid details on Nintendo’s plans, the presentation did nothing to really wow me. Getting critical details such as the launch date and price right out of the gate was great, but the show spent entirely way too much time on those small Joy-Con controllers which players can attach or use away from the tablet part of the console.


Sure, the things do a lot, but we’re focusing on motion controls again? Maybe you enjoyed it, but the fact that I can now feel like I’m drinking a glass of water with three ice cubes in it thanks to HD Rumble tech didn’t strike me at all. In fact, it was kind of useless information. Cool feature I guess, but certainly not worth a 5 minute demonstration.

Speaking of controllers, Nintendo released information on accessories and prices after the show and I nearly fell out of my chair after seeing it. Those tiny Joy-Con controllers retail for $80 bucks (for both left and right) and individually at $50. For just one (left or right), it’s pretty much 10 dollars less than a regular Xbox One or PS4 controller. The accessory prices feel a bit like price gouging if I’m being honest.

Games were clearly not a focus of the show even though they did reveal Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, a bunch of JRPGs, and a very awesome Legend of Zelda trailer. I have to say, hearing that Breath of the Wild now has voice acting was a wonderful surprise and considering how long the franchise has fought against that, it didn’t feel weird or out of place at all. It is a long time coming, that’s for sure. That said, it’s unclear if Link actually has spoken words. My money is on he’s still a mute character.


Ultimately, the press conference didn’t do much to sway my opinion, which is disappointing. As someone who wants to really enjoy and love what Nintendo is up to, I just don’t feel that pull towards the Switch. I’m still fairly apathetic towards the system. After being a lifelong Nintendo fanboy growing up, this feeling is a little dis-concerning. People change with age, that much is sure, and maybe it’s the fact that I just don’t have as much time for games as I once did. I don’t know.

I know this post may have been sort of a downer but I do remain hopeful that Nintendo can not only turn it around, but convince me to be a Switch adopter. Either way, I remain hopeful that the Nintendo Switch will deliver in its promises and it is able to restore Nintendo back to where it used to be. Time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch after seeing it fully unveiled? Are you a day one adopter?

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7 Responses to Nintendo Switch Presentation – Quick Thoughts and Concerns

  1. Completely agree with you. I’m ready to be wowed by the Switch, but so far I’m not seeing a compelling reason to shell out 300 bucks. I’m concerned that the controllers are going to be unwieldy (and clearly expensive as well), and the games haven’t blown me away. Will just have to wait and see!

    • Plus, I just read today that the Switch has only 5 launch games. Surprised considering how long we’ve known about the NX console. I’m still holding out hope, but I’m firmly in the wait and see camp.

  2. Not a day one adopter… I’m going to wait out on the game lineup and a respectable price drop, as well. The fact that the Zelda title will be released on the Wii U just suggests to me that I should consider picking up a Wii U for cheaper once the Switch drops in March and get the remastered Twilight Princess, Breath of the Wild, and the few other Wii U games I’ve been interested in grabbing.

    I do think the Switch will overall be successful, as Nintendo is pushing the novel parts of it, and I think the portability of it – as well as the innovative concept of playing a game with someone while looking at them and not a screen *gasp* – has gotten a lot of people’s attention. But you’ll definitely not be the only one waiting a bit.

  3. Hatm0nster says:

    I want this system to succeed, but I think I’ll wait until I hear more about what it’s actually like to use it. So far, those accessory prices aren’t very friendly, and I’m not seeing a game I would want to buy it for yet.

    • Yeah, agreed. I’m surprised that there’s only 5 confirmed launch titles. You’d think, with as long as we’ve been hearing Nintendo NX, that there would be more titles on day 1.

      • Hatm0nster says:

        Having a solid launch library was actually one of the stated reasons for delaying the system to March. I’m actually thinking that they might have benefited from pushing the launch back even further so that Mario Odyssey could be a launch title too.

        • Man, that’d be interesting huh? I wonder if releasing it in March is Nintendo’s way of getting out ahead due to some irrational fear that the system would get lost in the shuffle with what’s usually a busy holiday season of game releases.

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