My Favorite Announcements From PlayStation Experience 2016

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In what is quickly becoming a bigger and bigger spectacle, PlayStation held their annual Experience event this past weekend. As these things go, the keynote unleashed a ton of announcements on the crowd. Between this show and The Game Awards last week, it’s been an exciting few days for fans of video games, that’s for sure.

While there were a ton of announcements and reveals at the show this past weekend, here are some of my favorites.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
Merely a rumor that began picking up steam basically a week prior to the event, this one turned out to be true to the delight of many. Unlike recent entries, Infinite takes things back to the beginning where Infinity Gems and 2v2 battles reigned supreme. The game is also running Unreal Engine 4 and is actually in development in house at Capcom, something that hasn’t happened for at least 10 years. Not only that, a lot of developers that worked on some of the earlier Vs titles are back in-house working on this game. Pretty cool.

As of right now only six characters have been revealed. Ryu, Mega Man X and Morrigan make up the current Capcom side while Iron Man, Captain America, and Captain Marvel make up the Marvel side of things. One of the early rumors making the rounds is that the roster would be made up of characters from the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, leaving out classics like Doctor Doom and X-Men characters such as Wolverine. I’m curious to see if this is actually true or not.

What really gets me though is the fact that Capcom chose to show off Mega Man X at the beginning of the trailer. For a company that has been criticized repeatedly for seemingly forgetting about their blue mascot, this is a big deal. It’s good to see Mega Man (even if it is his X variant) back in the spotlight once again.

The Last of Us Part II
With Uncharted 4 out the door, Naughty Dog has been focusing their entire time at developing the next entry in the fantasic The Last of Us franchise. I can say “franchise” now because Part II was announced at the show and features Ellie in the main character role.

Details are very slim on this one so there’s not much more to say other than what’s in the trailer. I’m excited to see Naughty Dog returning to this universe. While I loved the first game, it tended to stress me out, forcing me to limit my play sessions. I’m sure this one will do the same to me, but I’ll be there on day one.

Horizon Zero Dawn
With only a couple months now between fans and the release date, Guerrilla Games put together a snazzy new trailer showing off the game in further detail. At this point, we have a fairly good grasp on what the game is, but I’ll never tire looking at the gorgeous visuals used in Horizon Zero Dawn.

With that said, the trailer gives fans a nice look at many of the machines who inhabit this world, showing off how different each one is. I personally can’t wait for this one.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
What a twist! Naughty Dog did a great job hiding what this was for as long as they could. The gameplay reveal trailer clocks in at a hefty 8 minutes and it’s not until the very end where players finally know who is under the veil. Yup, for some reason Chloe Frazier and Nadine Ross are an unlikely pair going after a fabled ancient Indian artifact.

Gameplay and story wise, this is a complete standalone entry in the series, and it looks to be fairly large, much bigger than the promised single player DLC promised initially. Fans who picked up the season pass prior to December 13 will be getting this one for free. Better yet? players who don’t have Uncharted 4, don’t need to first go out and buy it considering this one is completely standalone.

Destiny: The Dawning
Instead of simply bringing back Sparrow Racing League this year, Bungie is instead making a big seasonal event around it called The Dawning. With new gear, weapons, and armor to collect, players will also be able to take part in a new quest line focused around the new strike scoring system.

Of course, racing fans can head back to the SRL with four new tracks to race on along with all kinds of new loot to acquire. After a little downtime, looks like it might be time to head back to Destiny.

Classic Revivals
I also have to give Sony credit as they revived a number of games from their classic franchises. Longtime PlayStation fans should be happy to see upcoming titles like PaRappa the Rapper Remastered, Patapon and LocoRoco for PS4, the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, and even Wipeout Omega Collection.

There were a TON of announcements over the weekend so I’m sure I didn’t cover everyone’s favorites. So tell me dear reader, what were you surprised and excited to see at PSX 16 this year?

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6 Responses to My Favorite Announcements From PlayStation Experience 2016

  1. Missed the actual broadcast (streamcast?) but I always enjoy watching the trailers. And cynical me likes trying to guess which games are trying to get a free pass using flashy graphics and mechanics, yet sport an awful story. But I’m still keeping an eye on Horizon: Zero Dawn. I’m also interested to see where The Last of Us goes now…

    • Agreed on all parts. The gameplay in Horizon looks fantastic so I’m hoping the story will be able to keep up.

      As for The Last of Us, I always viewed that game as a complete experience so I’m really curious to see what kind of story Naughty Dog is going to tell with Ellie in this new chapter.

  2. Hatm0nster says:

    It’s all exciting, but I’m particularly psyched about the Crash N’ Sane trilogy. I still have the PS1 originals and I still play them, but it’s just so cool seeing them made for the modern era!

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