Big Reveals From The Game Awards – Recapping The Announcements

The annual Game Awards have now come and gone, celebrating the industry and the work it does over the past year, and giving fans a look at some upcoming games. Overall, I thought the show was well put together, similar to how Geoff Keighley has run it since it transitioned into The Game Awards officially. Sure, the show isn’t perfect and they could have slimmed it down in some areas but overall I found it to be a good time.


Also, just wanted to give a quick shout out to Mick Gordon for his live performance of the DOOM soundtrack. I was already a big fan after hearing his work on Killer Instinct, but man, he rocked it last night. That DOOM soundtrack is intense and wonderful all at the same time.

I’m not going to talk about who won over who should have or didn’t. If you want to check the winner’s list, head over to the main page here. Today we’re taking a look at the reveals and announcements at the show, which has started to feel like a mini-E3 of sorts.

There’s a lot to get to including new trailers, so lets take a look below!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Considering this game is really all Nintendo has at the moment after their self imposed gag order on everything Nintendo Switch until January, I think the most surprising thing was that fans got two gameplay oriented trailers.

I’m a fan of the franchise but there’s something about this game that prevents me from getting excited about it. I can’t place it and I generally think the game look good, but I’m just not amped for it. Perhaps it’s my less than successful time with Skyward Sword? Not sure, but either way, check out the action:

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition
I missed this announcement originally, so I was surprised to see so much Bulletstorm talk over social media. Essentially, this is a remaster of the original 2011 title, with Gearbox now on publishing duty instead of Epic Games.

So what’s new? Outside of 60FPS and 4K resolution, along with new maps with score challenges to overcome. Oh, and Duke Nukem is now in the game as well because, well, Gearbox is involved and why not. I’m glad the franchise is back in the spotlight and hopefully this means more Bulletstorm down the road.

Death Stranding
If Geoff Keighley is hosting something, you can bet your ass that Hideo Kojima is lurking around somewhere nearby. Of course the legendary developer was on hand not only to receive the award he was unable to accept last year but the man also showed off a new trailer for his mysterious Death Stranding game, which now includes Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen along with the previously seen Norman Reedus.

I won’t lie, I still have no clue as to what’s going on, but it’s Kojima so its fine. Whatever is happening looks pretty interesting though, I’ll give it that.

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment
Shovel Knight is one of those comes out of no where amazing experiences. Better yet, the game has received a ton of free additions since it originally launched including an expansion featuring a playable Plague Knight.

Specter Knight is up next in the spotlight but instead of just a remixed expansion, Specter of Torment is a standalone prequel to the original game. As Specter Knight, it’s up to you to recruit the Order of No Quarter for The Enchantress and battle across new levels with new bosses and items to find. Not only that, the original baddies of Shovel Knight have all new tricks and tactics this time around. Should be a spooky good time when it launches in the Spring.

In fact, seeing this trailer has reminded me that I need to get back to Plague of Shadows and finish that. I need more time, people!

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
I have to hand it to them, Telltale Games is getting their hands on everything. From The Walking Dead, to Borderlands, to Batman, and a bunch of things in between.

Now the studio is branching out to Marvel to tackle the eclectic Guardians of the Galaxy. The trailer reveals almost nothing about the game outside of the strong ties that Star Lord has to his cassette player. Having done a masterful job with humor on the Tales from the Borderlands series, I’m excited to see where this episodic series goes.

Coming from a studio calling themselves Phoenix Labs, Dauntless appears to be a sort of co-op oriented action, RPG title. It’s hard to say for sure but players essentially hunt monsters, craft gear, and try to survive in a world that are capable of shifting and changing over time. If you’ve played a game like Monster Hunter, you may be familiar with some of the mechanics at work.

What’s intriguing to me about it though is the fact that Phoenix Labs is made up of ex-employees from places like Bioware, Riot, Capcom, and Blizzard. Certainly seems like a capable crew to me.

Cliff Bleszinski was on hand to show off a brand new trailer for his gravity defying team based FPS, LawBreakers. In addition to fast action, the trailer features a brand new map and gameplay mechanics. On this map at least, there seems to be pockets of gravity free orbs where players can use an orbit like pull to propel themselves around the map at crazy speeds. It’s a PC only shooter, so I’m not terribly excited due to my lack of mouse and keyboard skills, but I will say that the game already looks super polished.

In addition, a brand new class called the Gunslinger, who is capable of firing to pistols in different directions, was also revealed.

The promising reboot from Arkane Studios also got some time to shine, showing off new gameplay aboard the Talos I. TO me, Prey gives off a serious BioShock/System Shock sort of vibe, and I’m really intrigued by that. While the main character has access to guns, there also appears to be interesting abilities such as shape shifting to help as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one shapes up as we inch closer to it’s release date.

At the very least, Arkane certainly knows how to keep the high production single player experiences alive in a world where shared multiplayer experiences reigns supreme.

While fans saw a short trailer at the show Bethesda released an even longer version afterwards, which I’ve included for you below. Enjoy!

Halo Wars 2
I’m a sucker for RTS games and Halo Wars certainly scratches that itch. I never expected to see a sequel to that game, but I’m happy we’re getting that. Having an RTS powerhouse like Creative Assembly working on it is a massive win as well.

The new trailer introduces the brutal enemy Atriox, a Brute commander and legendary warrior. The Brute is so maligned that even the Covenant fears him and wants him dead. Interesting twist to see the Covenant faction at war with itself.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
One of, if not the biggest franchise Telltale Games makes, a new season for The Walking Dead is on the way. The extended first look trailer below introduces a new family dealing with a sudden loss. Unfortunately for them, they don’t realize that death isn’t ‘the end’ in this world and things quickly go from bad to worse.

Thankfully there isn’t too much longer to wait as December 20 is right around the corner. Better yet? Episodes 1 and 2 will be available together.

Mass Effect Andromeda
Finally, the thing I wanted to see most was saved to the very end. Fans got a lengthy first look at legitimate gameplay in the next Mass Effect game and wow did it impress. Obviously, the visuals look stunning, though part of that is helped thanks to being on next generation hardware, unlike the previous trilogy.

Lady Ryder, as I’ll call her, was leading a team made up of a Krogan and Turian, two previously unseen races. The trailer showed off dialogue and reaction choices, nomad gameplay, and plenty of combat. The world’s look absolutely huge, almost like each planet you visit is an open world, full of things to do, explore, and complete. Okay, I’ll stop talking now so you can see everything for yourself:

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6 Responses to Big Reveals From The Game Awards – Recapping The Announcements

  1. It was a good show (I almost feel bad for the critique of it that I wrote!), and I was very excited to see the new games coming down the pipeline. I agree with you about the Zelda title. I’m sure the game will be alright, but I saw the graphics and it reminded me too much of Skyward Sword…. Skyward Sword mixed with Twilight Princess to try and make the TP fans feel better, or something. I’m a long-time Zelda fan, but I’m with you. I found myself watching the trailer with a much more critical eye than I expected.

    But overall, some really great titles like Death Stranding and Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as the latest for Shovel Knight (among others) were on display. Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks for reading!

      I’m constantly surprised at how mixed I feel about Breath of the Wild. Really want to like it, but something just feels off…

      Either way, there’s some really great titles coming soon to look forward to!

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  3. Hatm0nster says:

    I didn’t watch the show, so this post was really handy! I’m with you on the new Zelda game too. It looks like it’ll be different, but I think I’ll need to see more before I can get excited for it. Hopefully it can escape from Skyward Sword’s shadow.

    For me, Prey and Mass Effect: Andromeda were the standout features listed here. I knew nothing about the Prey reboot beyond the simple fact that it was happening, but now seeing this and getting that BioShock vibe from it, I have to say that I’m looking forward to seeing more. Mass Effect is looking cool too, but I’m more excited that the game is going to be a standalone title (perhaps one of several) rather than the first chapter in another trilogy. That and that they’re getting rid of the Paragon/Renegade system in favor of something more ambiguous.

    • Yeah, I like the direction they’re going. It’s also refreshing, like you said, to know they don’t plan to stretch this game out into a series of games. It’s nice that they’re planning on doing more Mass Effect games for sure, but having them be standalone is a great thing as well.

      • Hatm0nster says:

        The overarching story in the original trilogy was nice, but I’m thinking that ME is better suited to one-off adventures. It’s a big galaxy, there’s all kinds of stories that could be explored in any number of its dark corners!

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