Brace Yourself: It’s the Return Of The Gamer Crash Awards!

I don’t know about you, but it’s crazy to me that November is just about over.

Things have slowed down considerably here in the States as it’s Thanksgiving week. For most people, that means only working half the week, spending time with loved ones, and maybe going a little crazy on Black Friday. For everyone else, it means food and lots of it.

For me though, it means things start to slow way down considering that the majority of the big name releases have already come and gone. While studios may be tapping into their well earned vacation time and the news slows down to a crawl, I’ve got other plans in mind.

Gamer Crash Awards

That’s right, longtime readers may have guessed what I’m getting at, it’s time time for the seventh annual Gamer Crash Awards. It’s a December long celebration of some of my favorite games from this past year, all culminating in my Game of the Year post on New Year’s Eve. Before we jump into 2017 for what will surely be another excellent year for video games, lets look back on the past 12 months.

For those of you new to the site, here’s how things shake out. Since I’m a one man show and also a functioning adult human being, I simply don’t have the money or time like other sites such as IGN or Gamespot to play and review everything. I do the best I can in terms of picking up new games, but I just can’t play them all. Like any review or impressions post I create, I can’t pass judgment on something if I haven’t spent time with it. Still, I may do an “amended” post sometime in January like I did earlier this year once I’ve caught up on my backlog, but for now, don’t expect to see every AAA game on my lists.

While you wait for the madness to begin, here’s a look back at the past six years:

2015: WiiU Exclusive, Best Character, Download, Biggest Surprise, Game of the Year

2014: Soundtrack, Best Character, Download, Biggest Surprises, Games of the Year

2013: Soundtrack, Download, Biggest Surprises, Game of the Year

2012Downloadable Title, Best CharacterXbox 360PS3Biggest SurpriseSoundtrackGame of the Year

2011Downloadable TitleXbox 360PS3DisappointmentSoundtrackGame of the Year

2010Downloadable ContentWiiDisappointmentGame of the Year


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3 Responses to Brace Yourself: It’s the Return Of The Gamer Crash Awards!

  1. Very cool! Looking forward to it 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Your blog has a sleek look!

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