Top Games and Features I’d Like To See In A Classic SNES Bundle

Even with Wii U production finally winding down it finally being put out to pasture, Nintendo has managed to find a way to keep its fanbase excited. Many of you may be thinking of the newly revealed Switch console, but I’m actually talking about the recently released and incredibly difficult to find NES Classic Edition console.

NES Classic Edition

For those who may not be aware or are currently standing in a line just to get an opportunity to purchase one, this retro inspired console is basically a mini Nintendo Entertainment System, packed with 30 classic games and ready to be connected to modern TVs through the power of HDMI. With a budget friendly price, it’s a great way to not only satisfy nostalgia tendencies, but expose other people who didn’t have an opportunity to play this revolutionary console back when it was at the height of its power in the late 80s/early 90s.

As we know now, the NES Classic Edition is the hot item this holiday season, selling out pretty much everywhere as soon as it goes on sale. With all the hoopla and general excitement Nintendo has caused lately with its retro console, I couldn’t help but start to wonder if this would lead to other “classic” opportunities such as a Super Nintendo bundle sometime in the future.

So with that said, here’s a list of games I’d love to see included in a Classic SNES bundle along with some added functionality for good measure.

The Super Nintendo is one of my favorite consoles and in fact, I still have one. The console had an absolutely amazing library of games and for me, it was hard to narrow down the list down to just a few that I’d like to see. I have no idea how Nintendo will trim the list to just 30, but here are a few games I’d absolutely want to see included:

Super Metroid – Not only the best Metroid game (in my opinion of course), but one of my all time favorite games ever. Considering the original Metroid is included on the NES console bundle, I’d be shocked if this was overlooked.

Super Metroid

Donkey Kong Country – Essentially revolutionized the side scrolling adventure game back in the day and no doubt helped bring an excitement back to the genre. Back in the day, those graphics were stunningly impressive.

Mario Kart – Obviously pales in comparison to Mario Kart 64, but this is the game that started it all and helped put karting on the map. Not only that, look how many sequels and off shoots happened because of this.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars –  An absolute classic collaboration between Square and Nintendo, along with a fantastic turn based RPG title in its own right. Plus Geno.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – While the Zelda series arguably became a mainstream series with the introduction of Ocarina of Time, A Link To The Past holds a special place for many fans. Many of the enemies, items, and concepts that fans have come to know from the newer 3D games originated here, so there’s no doubting its importance to the franchise.

Super Mario World – If you had an SNES, you had this game. It’s pretty much a standard when talking about the Super Nintendo era.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – For me, this is another game that rests firmly in my top five games of all time. Yoshi’s Island is simply magical from the visual aesthetics to the earworm inducing soundtrack. An absolute must add.

Yoshi's Island

Chrono Trigger – A very popular critical and commercial success when it released, Chrono Trigger is a series that hasn’t seen much love in modern times. It’s a game that is commonly placed on top games of all time lists and certainly deserves a spot on this fictional console.

Secret of Mana – Unlike most Square games at the time, Secret of Mana featured combat in real time, a novel idea for an RPG game. Along with Chrono Trigger, Mana is widely considered a high point for games in this era and is another reason why the SNES reigned supreme with RPG fans.

Mega Man X2 – Taking the addictive Mega Man formula, the X series grew the franchise up a bit from its NES roots. While the first 3 X games are fantastic on the SNES, I’m putting X2 here because it’s my favorite of the bunch. Overall though, I’d be happy to see either of the three make it on.

Earthbound – I mean, what do I need to even type here? A classic game that went on to spawn a very passionate community. Unfortunately for them, new games in this franchise have been incredibly rare. Show the fans some love Nintendo and make sure to include this one.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo – Arguably the game that completely reinvigorated the fighting game scene. I’m putting Super Turbo here because it’s basically the most updated version of the game that the SNES received.


Another Interesting Consideration:

One of the drawbacks to the Classic NES, besides the incredibly short controller cord, is the fact that the system is locked at 30 games. While Nintendo has done a great job putting together a worthy list of 30 games, you could argue that there are plenty more titles which could have been represented as well. If another “Classic” console is indeed in our future, why not make it so users have the ability to tap into an online service such as the Wii U eShop to grab additional games?

The framework is already in place, especially if the Classic Edition console is using Wii/WiiU hardware to power the console as rumored. Adding a shop feature to connect online to the existing eShop seems like a no brainer, right?

Obviously, this list is pretty subjective and I know everyone has their own personal favorites from this era of gaming. With that said, tell me what games you’d love to see in a Classic SNES bundle below in the comments. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking. 

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6 Responses to Top Games and Features I’d Like To See In A Classic SNES Bundle

  1. This is a great list! The only games I can think of to add would be Star Fox and… Mario Paint (sheepish grin). There wasn’t anything I *didn’t* like about that game haha.

  2. Hatm0nster says:

    I think you’ve hit most of the “must play” games for the SNES here. While tapping into their eShop would be nice, they probably would never implement it. More functionality = more expensive, plus they wouldn’t want to give people a reason not to buy the Switch. However, I suppose that would only apply if the Switch had the same classic game capability that the Wii and Wii U do, which it very well might not.

    • Yeah, that’s fair about the price. Perhaps adding functionality like that would drive he price up and kind of hurt the target audience Nintendo is going for. Still though, adding the ability to purchase more games? I’d be all for it, even at a slightly increased price and I’m sure it would still sell like hot cakes.

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