Survival is Coming to The Division

I’ll fully admit it, I kinda jumped off The Division bandwagon after Underground hit. I know I wrote up a positive impression of it and I still feel that way, but a few weeks after Ubisoft announced that it was basically bringing the game down to fix the myriad of issues kind of dampened my enthusiasm. This also had a negative impact on the DLC schedule, which was basically out the window at that point.

Once the massive Update 1.4 hit and pretty much retooled the entire experience, I took notice because many of the issues that plagued the game were finally getting resolved. Plus, new additions like the different World Tiers, time to kill/be killed, and the other enhancements were all great additions. I haven’t fully jumped back in quite yet (blame Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1), but I’m now excited to return to it once more.

The Division contagion

What I didn’t expect was to be wow’d by upcoming content so soon. The next major update/expansion known as Survival was shown off and detailed for the first time earlier this week and I have to say, I’m quite intrigued by what is coming. I’d have to imagine that the developers at Massive were already a good way in to this expansion before things were put on hold.

I’m not someone who usually plays survival style games like Rust, N1Z1, or similar experiences probably because I don’t like the feeling of being timed or rushed to do things. That’s why I’m surprised at how I reacted to seeing gameplay from it.

Essentially, your character and a few other Division agents are sent on a mission to retrieve very important antivirals and medicine inside of the Dark Zone to help finally solve the situation in New York. Complicating things however is a massive blizzard bearing down on the city, causing white out conditions and somewhat different terrain thanks to the snow. As these things go, your helicopter gets in a bad accident, crashes, and tosses the players out into the harsh weather. Players then find themselves cold, hungry, dehydrated and sick, all of which need to be managed in order to survive and extract.

Whether playing PvP or PvE, up to 24 players can participate in a mode which promises to be incredibly tense and dangerous. Outside of the elements and bacteria trying to down your character, enemies are also on the scene including that Division Agent Hunter seen in the initial trailer at E3. As players work towards the Dark Zone, enemies become stronger forcing players to loot and craft gear (including clothes to stay warm), take meds to ward off disease, and find new hideouts to take shelter in because dying results in a Game Over screen.

As a buddy of mine mentioned over Twitter, Survival sets up a sort of Escape from New York style experience and frankly I have to agree. From what I’ve seen and heard, Survival looks to be very fun and mix up the core experience in surprising ways. I guess we’ll find out for ourselves soon because it is already playable on the PC test server.

While a game mode like this bring you back into The Division or is it simply a case of too little, too late?

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2 Responses to Survival is Coming to The Division

  1. I’d be interested. This game is already on my radar for its concept and story, anyway, so if Ubisoft is fixing up issues and adding new content, that makes it even better! 🙂
    And even if there are still problems, well… I made it through Spec Ops: The Line, so I can make it through this…

    • Honestly, after such sweeping changes, it seems like a great time to jump in.

      Update 1.4 really pumped new life into the game, made quality of life adjustments, and fixed a lot of issues. I really enjoyed the game prior to the update and I’m glad to see Ubisoft trying to make the experience even better. Survival looks like a great alternative mode for people who want to experience something a little different outside of the core game.

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