Now Arriving: Games of November 2016

Did you make it through October?

Well gear up folks, the second wave is on the way. Just like last month, there’s a ton of games coming in November, a few annual franchises, and some new stuff to occupy your time. If you want a quick rundown of the major titles, check out the video, though for you completionists out there, the full list can be found below.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a November without your annual installment of Call of Duty. This year, Infinity Ward is up to bat and they’re taking things in a more sci-fi direction with added space elements like zero gravity and battling through space ships. This year’s edition is shaping up to be very interesting as not only has the internet not been too kind to many of the trailers, but Modern Warfare Remastered is coming as a bonus for the special editions.

If you’re not a Call of Duty fan, you still have some solid options this month. November sees the return of Watch_Dogs, though much of what you remember from the first game has been tossed out. Gone is the protagonist, location, and many of the annoyances from the first go around. Dishonored 2 makes its grand entrance this month as well bringing that sweet, sweet gameplay but letting players play as either Emily or Corvo this time.

It may not be as extensive as last month but there’s still a ton of great content in the month of November. Enjoy it now everyone because we’re nearing the end of the year content drought.

The complete release list for November waits for you after the jump…

Microsoft Exclusives
Atari Flashback Classics Vol 1 + 2 (Xbox One) November 1
Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 (Xbox One) November 1
Sony Exclusives
BlazBlue: Central Friction (PS3/PS4) November 1
Earth’s Dawn (PS4) November 1
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (PS4) November 8
Eagle Flight VR (PS4) November 15
Killing Floor 2 (PS4) November 18
Nintendo Exclusives
Mario Party: Star Rush (3DS) November 4
Harvest Moon: Skytree Village (3DS) November 8
Pokemon Sun/Moon (3DS) November 18
PC Exclusives
Multiplatform Releases
Steamworld Collection Nov 1 – PS4, WiiU
Super Dungeon Bros Nov 1 – Xbox One, PS4
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Nov 4 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Marvel Pinball: Epic Collection Vol 1 Nov 8 – Xbox One, PS4
Cartoon Network Battle Crashers Nov 8 – Xbox One, PS4, 3DS
Dishonored 2 Nov 11 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Watch_Dogs 2 Nov 15 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Overcooked Gourmet Edition Nov 15 – Xbox One, PS4
Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection Nov 15 – Xbox One, PS4
The Walking Dead – The Telltale Series: A New Frontier Nov 15 – Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360
We Sing Nov 22 – Xbox One, PS4
Darksiders Warmastered Edition Nov 22 – Xbox One, PS4, WiiU
The Crew Ultimate Edition Nov 29 – Xbox One, PS4
Final Fantasy XV Nov 29 – Xbox One, PS4
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